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July 25, 2007

chapbook #60 ready, but blink and it will be gone

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After spending a lot of the summer editing and publishing other poets’ work (or working on collaborative projects), I felt it was time to start issuing some more of the pieces I’ve been writing recently. The first of these is KSE #60, IN PERSPECTIVE, pieces I wrote during my travels in North Texas earlier this month. While up there, I saw an amazing art exhibit–THE MIRROR AND THE MASK: PORTRAITURE IN THE AGE OF PICASSO– at the Kimball in Fort Worth. I was especially captivated by the works on display of some British artists–David Hockney, Vanessa Bell, Francis Bacon, and Stanley Spencer. All artists whose work I know, but I’d never seen in-person any of the many pieces of theirs featured in this exhibit. As I had been writing during my time in North Texas (stopping to see the mind-blowing Jandek concert in Fort Worth on the 21st), I looked at the paintings in terms of how they were created and how the artist transferred his/her vision to the canvas,  particularly in terms of perspective and choice of materials. I put my poetic notes through a process similar to what I felt Hockney or Bell might have done, and the result is the new chapbook IN PERSPECTIVE, which I’ve dedicated to Vanessa Bell.

IN PERSPECTIVE is a very small-print-run chapbook, only 15 copies. It’s also illustrated in a similar manner to FANTASMATA 2007  and  PYTHAGORON TWO.  I’m not selling any of these myself–Volcanic Tongue will be the only outlet selling it. Byron Coley may get one or two extras, but other than that these will be sent one copy each to poet/artist friends.

I’ve been printing up more copies of Luis Cuauhtomec Berriozabal’s chapbook WITHOUT PEACE today. It’s been a great success so far, as it should be. Luis’s ability to get inside the consciousness of the kind of characters most people write off or avoid is amazing. There were a number of these character perspective (oh, there’s that word again!) pieces in his book RAW MATERIALS, mixed with pieces in other styles and voices, but WITHOUT PEACE is a sustained eight-part suite in the consciousness of one character, and it’s both a tour-de-force and a beautiful piece of writing. Luis had submitted WITHOUT PEACE to an editor five years ago, but that editor just sat on it. Well, that editor’s loss is the reader’s gain, now that Kendra Steiner Editions has issued it in chapbook form. I should add that Luis is a true gentleman, and it has been a pleasure to work with him on this project! If you haven’t read much of his work, try to score a copy of RAW MATERIALS and also do an internet search of his name, as he’s got a lot of work online (which is where I first discovered his writing).

Another chapbook that will blow readers away is one I didn’t publish, although I wish I did! PLANET ALI, by the Australian poet Glenn W. Cooper, a book of  20 poems investigating and celebrating different aspects of the phenomenon that is Muhammad Ali. Some pieces are historical, some imaginative, some imagined history–all move as slyly on the page as Ali did in the ring. This is a great concept for a book, and Cooper really pulls it off. It’s published by Blind Dog Press in NSW Australia. Their e-mail address is blinddogpress at gmail dot com. As with Luis, Glenn too has a number of poems available free online–well worth googling!

For those who enjoyed ROCKET ATTACK USA!!!, the first in the Cinema Poetry Series, I’ve been working on the second and third books in that series: the second being CACTUS BARRIER, inspired by a z-grade western of the same name made here in San Antonio in 1951; the third being HYPNOS, inspired by the 1967 Italian film HYPNOS FOLLIA DI UN MASSACRO, also known as TELEDROME (and yes, it foreshadows Videodrome in a number of ways), starring the American spaghetti western actor Robert Woods and also Fernando Sancho. I hope to have at least one of those finished and edited by the end of August, and the other I’ll aim for having done by the new wave of chapbook releases due in October. Hope you find these two interesting. You can see the cover of ROCKET ATTACK USA!!! at the Volcanic Tongue website.

July 24, 2007

new cover for NEXT EXIT:TWO

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Tom McDade was not wild about the original front cover of our collaborative book NEXT EXIT: TWO (the original cover featured a 1930’s ad from the city of Waterbury, Connecticut, soliciting “skilled workers”). As he co-wrote the book, I want him to be happy with it,  so I have changed the front cover, and all future copies of the book will now have on the front the stark black & white photo of flooded buildings in Waterbury that previously graced the back cover. I just printed up a stack of copies on a rich marbled tan textured cover stock, and the new flood photo cover is beautiful. According to my records, nineteen copies with the original cover are in circulation. When Volcanic Tongue posts its writeup on the book, you’ll be able to see the original cover. All covers going out as of today will be the new one. I had not yet sent out copies of the book to any of our other sellers (Longhouse/Bob Arnold, Glass Eye/Byron Coley, or City Lights), so all of those outlets will offer the new cover. Tom’s opening poem about the drudgery of textile work in the factories of Pawtucket, Rhode Island is an amazing piece, alone worth the price of the book, and my pieces on Marion and Kerrville, Texas are not bad either! The NEXT EXIT series features poems using a city and state as title and somehow capturing the essence of that city…although the poet is the ultimate judge of how that is done. The only other rule for these poems is that they fit on one page. NEXT EXIT:ONE was a collab between Doug Draime and yours truly, and there are two more volumes in the works that will be volumes three and four: one of which combining works by Doug Draime and by Misti Rainwater-Lites, another combining some things of mine with those of Pennsylvania poet Brad Kohler (Brad and I both wrote for BLACK TO COMM back in the early nineties). I’m also very proud to bring Misti Rainwater-Lites into the Kendra Steiner Editions family, as she is one of my favorite writers and cultural commentators, but I’ll devote a full blog entry to her soon. Misti will be doing both this NEXT EXIT collab AND a full solo chapbook, tentatively titled LULLABIES FOR JACKSON. I’d expect both of those books in October. It would be nice to keep the NEXT EXIT concept going beyond the four mentioned above–other poets will be brought into the mix, and I’m excited about what the future may hold in this series! I hope you readers will find the books to be interesting and worthwhile…and to capture the essence of the places mentioned.

new chapbooks for summer 2007 now available

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Kendra Steiner Editions is a D.I.Y. poetry publishing project operating out of San Antonio, Texas, with partners in Glasgow, Scotland. As of July 2007, we have issued 59 poetry chapbooks by 12 authors, and we have two new (so far) poets joining the mix for our next round of releases in Fall 2007.

The following books are now available for $4 each, postpaid in North America.


#58, K. M. DERSLEY, retrospective forecasts;

#57, MARK WEBER, four poems from new york city;


#55, DOUG DRAIME/BILL SHUTE, next exit:one ;

#54, MICHAEL CASEY, the bopper;

#53, MICHAEL CERAOLO, more euclid creek;

#52, DOUG DRAIME, eyestone;

#50, THOMAS MICHAEL MCDADE, thrill and swill;

#49, BILL SHUTE, rocket attack u.s.a. (cinema poetry series, vol. 1);

#48, BILL SHUTE, san antonio good friday (creel pone sound study #5);

#47, BILL SHUTE, upside down (creel pone sound study #4);

#46, BILL SHUTE, fantasmata 2007 (creel pone sound study #3);

#45, BRAD KOHLER, energy fools the magician (sound library, vol. 23);

#43, BILL SHUTE, symphonie rouge (creel pone sound study #2);

#42, BILL SHUTE, fire of the actual;

#41, STUART CRUTCHFIELD, the circus crows have landed;

#38, BILL SHUTE, yantra;

#36, BILL SHUTE, come on, react! (second printing);

#34, STUART CRUTCHFIELD, shack simple;

#33, DAVID KEENAN, high all the time (sound library, vol. 20);

#32, DAVID KEENAN, just another high (sound library, vol. 19);

#30, STUART CRUTCHFIELD, march (sound library, vol. 18);

#29, STUART CRUTCHFIELD/BILL SHUTE, stream (salmon and blood)(second printing);

#27, DAVID KEENAN/BILL SHUTE, more ragas.

Europeans should order from Volcanic Tongue in Glasgow, Scotland.

For further information, write to Bill at django5722 (at) yahoo (dot) com  .

We’ll have a new round of poetry chapbooks in the fall, probably starting in October.

Thanks for your support. By the way, we are always happy to trade chapbooks with other poets!

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