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July 24, 2007

new cover for NEXT EXIT:TWO

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Tom McDade was not wild about the original front cover of our collaborative book NEXT EXIT: TWO (the original cover featured a 1930’s ad from the city of Waterbury, Connecticut, soliciting “skilled workers”). As he co-wrote the book, I want him to be happy with it,  so I have changed the front cover, and all future copies of the book will now have on the front the stark black & white photo of flooded buildings in Waterbury that previously graced the back cover. I just printed up a stack of copies on a rich marbled tan textured cover stock, and the new flood photo cover is beautiful. According to my records, nineteen copies with the original cover are in circulation. When Volcanic Tongue posts its writeup on the book, you’ll be able to see the original cover. All covers going out as of today will be the new one. I had not yet sent out copies of the book to any of our other sellers (Longhouse/Bob Arnold, Glass Eye/Byron Coley, or City Lights), so all of those outlets will offer the new cover. Tom’s opening poem about the drudgery of textile work in the factories of Pawtucket, Rhode Island is an amazing piece, alone worth the price of the book, and my pieces on Marion and Kerrville, Texas are not bad either! The NEXT EXIT series features poems using a city and state as title and somehow capturing the essence of that city…although the poet is the ultimate judge of how that is done. The only other rule for these poems is that they fit on one page. NEXT EXIT:ONE was a collab between Doug Draime and yours truly, and there are two more volumes in the works that will be volumes three and four: one of which combining works by Doug Draime and by Misti Rainwater-Lites, another combining some things of mine with those of Pennsylvania poet Brad Kohler (Brad and I both wrote for BLACK TO COMM back in the early nineties). I’m also very proud to bring Misti Rainwater-Lites into the Kendra Steiner Editions family, as she is one of my favorite writers and cultural commentators, but I’ll devote a full blog entry to her soon. Misti will be doing both this NEXT EXIT collab AND a full solo chapbook, tentatively titled LULLABIES FOR JACKSON. I’d expect both of those books in October. It would be nice to keep the NEXT EXIT concept going beyond the four mentioned above–other poets will be brought into the mix, and I’m excited about what the future may hold in this series! I hope you readers will find the books to be interesting and worthwhile…and to capture the essence of the places mentioned.

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