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August 2, 2007

on hiatus, but still working–and a tribute to Michael Casey

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I’m going to New England for about two weeks, so there will be no new posts during that period, but I deserve a vacation after getting out EIGHT new chapbooks in June and July.

Please continue to send book orders while I’m gone–I’ll ship out any orders when I get back on Monday the 13th.

While in Massachusetts, I will be hooking up with one of my favorite poets and now a member of the Kendra Steiner Editions team, Michael Casey, author of the classic 1972 poetry collection OBSCENITIES. Mike is that rare writer who has basically created his own genre of literature. His poems in the voice of semi-articulate, but beautifully expressive, characters–often in military or workplace situations–are funny, heartbreaking, and dead-on accurate. Lots of writers talk about voice and persona–any Casey poem is a master class in the subject.

Here are a few samples from his 1996 book MILLRAT:

If you have not yet scored a copy of his KSE book THE BOPPER, pick one up while you can. These are workplace poems set in an anonymous office. It’s interesting that although we spend 1/3 (or more) of our waking hours in the workplace, there are not more poets mining this rich vein. I’ve always been an observer on any job I’ve had, and obviously Michael Casey has too. He wrote an interesting essay on the subject of workplace poetry which is worth clicking on and reading:

Two recent Casey chapbooks you must get are PERMANENT PARTY, published by March Street Press ( and CINDI’S FUR COAT, published by the Chuckwagon ( .

I’ll be taking some work with me on my trip. Later in the fall we’ll be offering some new chapbooks featuring Misti Rainwater-Lites, Brad Kohler, Zachary C. Bush, Stuart Crutchfield, and Doug Draime, and I’ll be working on those books while I’m on the road. The most exciting news as far as I’m concerned is that we will be offering a joint Doug Draime/Misti Rainwater-Lites chapbook in October, an entry in the ongoing NEXT EXIT series.

Check back the week of August 13th…

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