Kendra Steiner Editions (Bill Shute)

August 17, 2007

#63, TELESMA CHARGING, now available

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As of today, 8/17/07, KSE #63, TELESMA CHARGING by Stuart Crutchfield and Bill Shute is available in an edition of 37 copies. This is volume 24 of our Sound Library Series (poems which are inspired by particular musical pieces), and our inspiration this time around was the album TELESMA (by the way, that’s Greek for “Talisman”) by San Francisco-based AXOLOTL. I hate musical labels (as I hate poetry labels or people labels, etc.), but I suppose one would put AXOLOTL’s music in the ambient noise/psychedelic drone/industrial soundscape genre. The multi-layered soundscapes created by AXOLOTL are truly consciousness-expanding and mind-bending, and Stuart and I felt that we could create some interesting “parallel works” growing out of the music. We asked Axolotl’s Karl Bauer for his permission, which he gave, and we started working on the project earlier in 2007. After countless e-mails and Microsoft Word attachments (the way poets from Texas and Scotland work together on a suite of poems!), Stu and I got this in final form, I added some vintage apocalyptic illustrations from an old public-domain fundamentalist screed, and voila! The friends who have read this say that it enters Hieronymous Bosch/Harry Crosby/William Blake (perhaps the reference to Urizen at the poem’s climactic point helped lead to this!) territory, which is not surprising considering the source material. There is a deep spiritual base to Axolotl’s music, and we tried to tap into those same Gnostic roots when composing this work. Stu and I have issued three collaborative chapbooks prior to this, and in terms of structure/form, I’d say this one most resembles PYTHAGORON TWO,  rather than STREAM or WINDOW ON THE SEA. The six-page poem also includes references to Frippertronics, the original release of the film ERASERHEAD, magus/artist/archivist Harry Smith, and Dylan’s Never-Ending-Tour. Who could ask for more than that…and all in six pages! $4.00 postpaid in North America.

Stu’s next project for us will be an all-Scotland edition of NEXT EXIT!

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