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August 28, 2007

Byron Coley/Thurston Moore on Kendra Steiner Editions

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Some kind words from Byron Coley and Thurston Moore in the new September issue of ARTHUR magazine, probably America’s foremost alternative culture magazine (filling the void left by the late FORCED EXPOSURE). Kendra Steiner Editions has gotten two small positive write-ups in previous issues of ARTHUR, but this detailed celebration of our summer releases totally took me by surprise. We don’t believe in presskits or bios here–our work speaks for itself–but if we did, this review would be right at the front. I’ve transcribed the review (silently correcting a few mis-spellings of author names) below:      


“We weren’t planning to write about KENDRA STEINER EDITIONS again so soon, but what the heck! There’s a new batch, and they will not be denied. Bill Shute’s ROCKET ATTACK USA is the first volume in the “Cinema Poetry Series”, and it offers a splattered cubist vision of science fiction hell. Michael Ceraolo’s MORE EUCLID CREEK is half an ode to a dead mother/neighborhood, and half about what a drag it is to work. Very Cleveland, these poems. And very good, too. Doug Draime and Bill Shute’s NEXT EXIT: ONE is great. The poets write in turn, each appearing to detail the things you can find (or not) near the various borders of various states. An excellent conceptual pairing.  Michael Casey’s THE BOPPER is a funny set of poems about office life, which may make you shiver in recognition of traits you wish you’d been able to forget. K. M. Dersley’s RETROSPECTIVE FORECASTS is very English in its language, but seems rather more American in its rhythms and loser imagery. We need to read it a few more times to really figure it out, but that won’t be a burden by any stretch. Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal’s WITHOUT PEACE is a strong piece of work, representing a cycle of eight poems that feel as though they’re about schizophrenia. In all, this is another really admirable batch of work from Kendra Steiner Editions–a company that we daresay has probably issued more volumes of high-quality poetry in the last year than most publishers will in a lifetime. The books are small, side-stapled, and created with an eye towards allowing the average dude (or dudette) a way to get into poetry without having to spend a lot of money. Each of the collections they release is bite-sized, but capable of supplying enough vital STUFF to keep your brain chewing for a good long while. Don’t not check this stuff out.”


Thanks, guys. And speaking of poetry, there’s a wonderful section of this new Arthur magazine, accompanying a fascinating interview with Yoko Ono about her Fluxus years (among other things), where Coley and Moore have composed a Tanka poem about each of Ono’s albums! You can read the magazine free on-line as a PDF file at   . The review is found on page 53, and the Yoko Ono poems are on page 35. Both of these are on the RIGHT hand side of the page, so you’ll need to blow the magazine up to a readable size and then scroll over to the right hand side to read the pieces. Thanks for the coverage, gentlemen!

Do I need to add that all the above books listed in the review are available for $4.00 each, 3 for $10 postpaid in North America? Check payable to Bill Shute, 8200 Pat Booker Rd. #399, San Antonio, Texas, 78233.

Our chapbook #64 is completed and should be available in a few days: NEXT EXIT: THREE by Doug Draime and Misti Rainwater-Lites. I’ll be back in touch about that book soon…

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