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October 28, 2007

OBJECTLESS (KSE #71) and some others now sold out

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OBJECTLESS (KSE #71), inspired by the Soviet painter and theorist Kazimir Malevich, is now sold out. This work, where I avoided using “objects” as Malevich did in certain periods of his work and where I used no nouns or pronouns, received excellent response, and I thank those who wrote me about it.

Also, a number of our spring/summer 2007 releases are now sold out. Click on the “available KSE poetry chapbooks” category to the right of this post for an updated list of what’s available. I generally set the number of copies printed of each piece by what I think we can move in 3 months.  After that point, the book is in the hands of those who REALLY want it, and it’s time for us to move on. Be sure to act on our recent releases, or they too will be sold out before you get the ones you want. Our out-of-print books from 2006 are already going for $10-$15 in the collectors’ market, and we will not reprint any of them. I may keep some of my own pieces that have proven popular available in second printings—-such as STREAM (SALMON AND BLOOD); COME ON, REACT!; and SAN ANTONIO GOOD FRIDAY—-but part of our deal with our authors is that these are one-time-only printings with no residual or anthology rights retained. I encourage our authors to use their fine pieces elsewhere once our small KSE editions sell out. For instance, something like Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal’s WITHOUT PEACE is to me a major work, and I look forward to seeing it in Luis’s next full-sized book of poetry (his first book, RAW MATERIALS, is still in print—-grab it while you can from Pygmy Forest Press  ). Luis will be back in December with a second chapbook for us, a tribute to the great Chicano poet Luis Omar Salinas. Someday IMHO Luis’s  WITHOUT PEACE  will come to be seen as one of the seminal works of this decade—-and I’m proud that Luis chose KSE to introduce this powerful suite of poems to the world.

October 24, 2007

INTERVALS (KSE #76), Zachary C. Bush/Bill Shute, now available

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While I’m not sure if the poetry tag-team of Bush and Shute can compare with the ultimate team of Doug Draime and Misti Rainwater-Lites featured in KSE #64, Next Exit: Three (still available, I might add, but selling fast…only about 15 copies left), Zachary and I do have some good moves, and you can check them out in our new collaboration, INTERVALS (Creel Pone Sound Study #6), chapbook #76, which is released today, 10/24/07. Inspired by the composition “Intervals I” by Emerson Meyers, originally released on the 1970 album “Provocative Electronics, ” recently reissued on the Creel Pone label, this short but mind-bending chap should appeal to those who have liked ZCB’s or my more non-traditional writings.

Starting with that piece of music as well as the concept of  “intervals” as our prompts, ZCB and I decided on a verse form (three-line stanzas, some with various syllable counts) and a number of ground rules and seed ideas, then wrote passages, traded those passages, and poetically reacted/responded to the other’s material until we’d created this six-part, five-page poetic mutant child.

Zachary C. Bush has issued three chapbooks so far:

OUTSIDE THE HALFWAY HOUSE (scintillating publications);


and NEXT EXIT: FOUR (w/ Brad Kohler, KSE #66).

We are proud to have him back with Kendra Steiner Editions for a second collaborative chapbook. He has the combination of grit and experimentation associated with William Burroughs (although ZCB’s work is QUITE different from WSB’s!), he’s got a great sense of wit, he knows poetic technique inside out, and his work is always rapid-fire and kaliedoscopic. The final section of INTERVALS reads like some otherworldly mix of the incantatory side of Ginsberg and the surrealist list-making side of James Tate, but even better than that inexact comparison suggests. Maybe someday ZCB and I will appear together at a reading, and we can present INTERVALS in human stereo!

This will be a moderate-sized print run, just 39 copies, so get your copy fast. While this will be available (eventually) from Volcanic Tongue, it won’t be available from some of our other sources, so best get it direct from us for $4.00 postpaid in North America.

ZCB has a lot of fine poetry available online. Google his name, pour yourself a quality microbrew beer, and sample his work for free…but don’t forget to send us that $4.00 the next day!  🙂

October 19, 2007

NEXT EXIT: FIVE (KSE #69) by Christopher Cunningham

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The newest entry in our Next Exit series—-poems rooted in particular towns and steeped in a deep sense of place—-is also the first solo Next Exit chapbook. When I asked Georgia-based poet Christopher Cunningham to submit some material for a future NE installment, I was assuming I’d pair him with someone else, as we’d done in the first four volumes. However, after reading the poems he sent, I felt they had such power and immediacy and diversity that he deserved an entire chapbook to himself, and here it is: NEXT EXIT: FIVE (KSE #69).

With so much flat-prose-broken-up-into-lines and so many clever-slogans-that-belong-on-a-bumpersticker being passed of as poetry, what a joy it is to read someone whose rich yet lean poetic language seems sculpted, who combines power and passion and rage with sensitivity and understatement. These ten new poems—-never before available anywhere and written especially for this project—-take the reader on a deeply-felt tour of Southern places and we experience the joy and the pain of people trapped in or bravely trying to transcend their environment. The perfectly chosen details in each poem expand in the reader’s mind but retain a sense of mystery and create a feeling of tension. This is a book you will come back to many a time, but that’s true of all Cunningham’s work.

Christopher Cunningham is author of a number of chapbooks, including THRU THE HEART OF THIS ANIMAL LIFE, from Liquid Paper Press ( );  AND STILL THE NIGHT LEFT TO GO (a unique two-volume set, featuring both verse and correspondence that sets forth the philosophy behind the poet’s art and role in society, published by Bottle of Smoke Press —-    ) ; and, most recently, FLOWERS IN THE SHADOW OF THE STORM,  just issued a few months ago by Sunnyoutside ( ). He is also a key player in the Guerilla Poetics Project ( and publishes an excellent blog, UPRIGHT AGAINST THE SAVAGE HEAVENS (

Mr. Cunningham is a complete original—-he owes little to previous poets’ styles. We are proud to have him on the Kendra Steiner Editions team. By the way, Next Exit: Five is probably Kendra’s favorite of the chapbooks we’ve issued since Doug Draime’s EYESTONE. I can’t imagine this book will stay available very long (CC’s other books tend to sell out), so send that four dollar check today, made payable to Bill Shute, 8200 Pat Booker Rd. #399, San Antonio, Texas, 78233—or better yet, get three new releases for $10.00 postpaid in North America: Next Exit: Five; Misti Rainwater-Lites’ LULLABIES FOR JACKSON; and my own BRIDGE TO NOWHERE or DON’T LOOK BACK, whichever you prefer. There’s an offer you can’t refuse!

October 12, 2007

50+ new links for your enjoyment

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To the right of this message under the “blogroll” title, please check out the list of more than 50 links, taking you to all kinds of cultural riches, not the same poetry links that appear on everyone else’s blog (though many of those are fine, you can get them elsewhere). Those who wonder “where is this Kendra Steiner Editions coming from?” should get a fairly clear idea by checking out a number of these links.

I’ll be working this weekend on the final stages of our two new featured October poetry releases, NEXT EXIT: FIVE by CHRISTOPHER CUNNINGHAM and LULLABIES FOR JACKSON by MISTI RAINWATER-LITES.

I also have a few new solo chapbooks available: DON’T LOOK BACK (sound library, volume 26—-inspired by the classic album “In The Hands of Karma”, by the Electric Toilet); TEXTURE AND ACCIDENT (inspired by the Catalan painter Antoni Tapies and also the sonnets of Ted Berrigan); and BRIDGE TO NOWHERE (sound library, volume 25—-inspired by the mind-blowing “Barcelona Series” from the Scandinavian percussionist Sven-Ake Johansson). I’m also working on a new collaboration with Zachary C. Bush (which we’ll be getting onto fulltime later in the month), and I have been commissioned to write four reviews this month for the upcoming issue of UGLY THINGS magazine, which I’ve contributed to for…over 15 years? Wow! Back in the early 1990’s, UT editor Mike Stax and I co-authored a book (based on a series of magazine articles in UT), THE DOWNLINERS SECT STORY, about the pioneering English R&B band, which was published in England. Good luck finding a copy! I had the privilege of releasing a 45 rpm single by the Downliners Sect in 1985 on my short-lived Oklahoma-based “Inner Mystique” record label. That single has since appeared on UK Castle label compilation cd “Sect Maniax.” I’m glad to see that the Downliners Sect (albeit without lead guitarist Terry Gibson, alas) are still at it, pumping out their raw and invigorating brand of UK R&B/beat/punk, some 43 years after their first single! Here’s a video of the Sect performing their classic “Bloodhound” in Madrid a few months ago. Enjoy:

I’ll be back in touch soon about the new chapbooks when they are ready. Until then, remember the immortal words of Ed Wood,”One is always considered mad when one perfects something that others cannot grasp.” Please remember that, all of your who are working hard at getting your unique artistic vision fine-tuned and then out to the world. Don’t let THEM bring you down. Don’t kiss the asses of the self-appointed gatekeepers in the arts and their daisy-chain cliques.  It makes no matter if they label themselves outlaws or outsiders or alternative—-meet the new boss, same as the f—–g old boss!You don’t need them. Form arts collectives. Distribute and exhibit your work in new ways. Whatever kind of work you are doing, if you are independent and a free spirit and you answer to no one but your higher self, we (Kendra and Bill) are behind you 110%!!!

October 7, 2007

early October update…meanwhile, back at the ranch

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It’s Sunday morning, second cup of coffee—-watching this Northeast corner of San Antonio awaken and open its petals for another day.

No earth-shaking news here, but poetry to me is not about earth-shaking news: it’s about sifting the sands of everyday life to both become one with those sands and to analyze them as a crime-scene investigator would, looking for clues, seeing each seemingly insignificant detail and each discarded “thing” as potentially full of meaning and part of a larger construct. I see poets as geologists taking core samples—-of consciousness, of their immediate environment, of society, of relationships, of the spirit, of anything they choose to explore and investigate.

We’re still on schedule for the new October offerings:

(KSE #69)  NEXT EXIT: FIVE by Christopher Cunningham;

and  (KSE #68)  LULLABIES FOR JACKSON by Misti Rainwater-Lites.

Both will be ready on or before October 20. I’ll post a piece about each book when it is ready. What a joy it is to work with people like Misti and Christopher—-their creativity and passion come through in everything they do, even the most cursory e-mail about some minor editing point, and they are also the consummate professionals for whom accuracy and precision and punctuality are second nature.

You will want to get both of these chapbooks when they are available on the 20th. As different as these two books are, they share the same essential qualities: economy of form and expression; highly-charged use of language that resonates and expands within the reader; distinctive and original “voices” and technique owing little or nothing to other poets; content that is grounded in life as it is lived. Each chapbook is timeless, yet rooted in the texture of today…and tomorrow.

October 5, 2007

corrected version of NEXT EXIT: FOUR (KSE #66)

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We regret to say that a handful of copies of NEXT EXIT: FOUR escaped with a few minor typos in them. We have silently corrected those errors in the new second printing. A few changes were made to the cover in order to tell the flawed and the corrected versions apart: if your copy has the word “Four” in italics on the front cover AND if your copy has a plug for the Guerilla Poetics Project on the back cover, then you have a NEW and corrected copy.  All who bought a flawed copy of NE4 directly from us by mail will get a new copy sent to you at no charge–those will be sent in the next four days.  If you purchased a flawed copy from a store, please write to django5722 (at) yahoo (dot) com, giving the number of the book and where you bought it (we keep a record of where each numbered copy goes) along with your name/mailing address, and you will also get a new corrected copy.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

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