Kendra Steiner Editions (Bill Shute)

October 7, 2007

early October update…meanwhile, back at the ranch

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It’s Sunday morning, second cup of coffee—-watching this Northeast corner of San Antonio awaken and open its petals for another day.

No earth-shaking news here, but poetry to me is not about earth-shaking news: it’s about sifting the sands of everyday life to both become one with those sands and to analyze them as a crime-scene investigator would, looking for clues, seeing each seemingly insignificant detail and each discarded “thing” as potentially full of meaning and part of a larger construct. I see poets as geologists taking core samples—-of consciousness, of their immediate environment, of society, of relationships, of the spirit, of anything they choose to explore and investigate.

We’re still on schedule for the new October offerings:

(KSE #69)  NEXT EXIT: FIVE by Christopher Cunningham;

and  (KSE #68)  LULLABIES FOR JACKSON by Misti Rainwater-Lites.

Both will be ready on or before October 20. I’ll post a piece about each book when it is ready. What a joy it is to work with people like Misti and Christopher—-their creativity and passion come through in everything they do, even the most cursory e-mail about some minor editing point, and they are also the consummate professionals for whom accuracy and precision and punctuality are second nature.

You will want to get both of these chapbooks when they are available on the 20th. As different as these two books are, they share the same essential qualities: economy of form and expression; highly-charged use of language that resonates and expands within the reader; distinctive and original “voices” and technique owing little or nothing to other poets; content that is grounded in life as it is lived. Each chapbook is timeless, yet rooted in the texture of today…and tomorrow.

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