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October 12, 2007

50+ new links for your enjoyment

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To the right of this message under the “blogroll” title, please check out the list of more than 50 links, taking you to all kinds of cultural riches, not the same poetry links that appear on everyone else’s blog (though many of those are fine, you can get them elsewhere). Those who wonder “where is this Kendra Steiner Editions coming from?” should get a fairly clear idea by checking out a number of these links.

I’ll be working this weekend on the final stages of our two new featured October poetry releases, NEXT EXIT: FIVE by CHRISTOPHER CUNNINGHAM and LULLABIES FOR JACKSON by MISTI RAINWATER-LITES.

I also have a few new solo chapbooks available: DON’T LOOK BACK (sound library, volume 26—-inspired by the classic album “In The Hands of Karma”, by the Electric Toilet); TEXTURE AND ACCIDENT (inspired by the Catalan painter Antoni Tapies and also the sonnets of Ted Berrigan); and BRIDGE TO NOWHERE (sound library, volume 25—-inspired by the mind-blowing “Barcelona Series” from the Scandinavian percussionist Sven-Ake Johansson). I’m also working on a new collaboration with Zachary C. Bush (which we’ll be getting onto fulltime later in the month), and I have been commissioned to write four reviews this month for the upcoming issue of UGLY THINGS magazine, which I’ve contributed to for…over 15 years? Wow! Back in the early 1990’s, UT editor Mike Stax and I co-authored a book (based on a series of magazine articles in UT), THE DOWNLINERS SECT STORY, about the pioneering English R&B band, which was published in England. Good luck finding a copy! I had the privilege of releasing a 45 rpm single by the Downliners Sect in 1985 on my short-lived Oklahoma-based “Inner Mystique” record label. That single has since appeared on UK Castle label compilation cd “Sect Maniax.” I’m glad to see that the Downliners Sect (albeit without lead guitarist Terry Gibson, alas) are still at it, pumping out their raw and invigorating brand of UK R&B/beat/punk, some 43 years after their first single! Here’s a video of the Sect performing their classic “Bloodhound” in Madrid a few months ago. Enjoy:

I’ll be back in touch soon about the new chapbooks when they are ready. Until then, remember the immortal words of Ed Wood,”One is always considered mad when one perfects something that others cannot grasp.” Please remember that, all of your who are working hard at getting your unique artistic vision fine-tuned and then out to the world. Don’t let THEM bring you down. Don’t kiss the asses of the self-appointed gatekeepers in the arts and their daisy-chain cliques.  It makes no matter if they label themselves outlaws or outsiders or alternative—-meet the new boss, same as the f—–g old boss!You don’t need them. Form arts collectives. Distribute and exhibit your work in new ways. Whatever kind of work you are doing, if you are independent and a free spirit and you answer to no one but your higher self, we (Kendra and Bill) are behind you 110%!!!

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