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October 24, 2007

INTERVALS (KSE #76), Zachary C. Bush/Bill Shute, now available

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While I’m not sure if the poetry tag-team of Bush and Shute can compare with the ultimate team of Doug Draime and Misti Rainwater-Lites featured in KSE #64, Next Exit: Three (still available, I might add, but selling fast…only about 15 copies left), Zachary and I do have some good moves, and you can check them out in our new collaboration, INTERVALS (Creel Pone Sound Study #6), chapbook #76, which is released today, 10/24/07. Inspired by the composition “Intervals I” by Emerson Meyers, originally released on the 1970 album “Provocative Electronics, ” recently reissued on the Creel Pone label, this short but mind-bending chap should appeal to those who have liked ZCB’s or my more non-traditional writings.

Starting with that piece of music as well as the concept of  “intervals” as our prompts, ZCB and I decided on a verse form (three-line stanzas, some with various syllable counts) and a number of ground rules and seed ideas, then wrote passages, traded those passages, and poetically reacted/responded to the other’s material until we’d created this six-part, five-page poetic mutant child.

Zachary C. Bush has issued three chapbooks so far:

OUTSIDE THE HALFWAY HOUSE (scintillating publications);


and NEXT EXIT: FOUR (w/ Brad Kohler, KSE #66).

We are proud to have him back with Kendra Steiner Editions for a second collaborative chapbook. He has the combination of grit and experimentation associated with William Burroughs (although ZCB’s work is QUITE different from WSB’s!), he’s got a great sense of wit, he knows poetic technique inside out, and his work is always rapid-fire and kaliedoscopic. The final section of INTERVALS reads like some otherworldly mix of the incantatory side of Ginsberg and the surrealist list-making side of James Tate, but even better than that inexact comparison suggests. Maybe someday ZCB and I will appear together at a reading, and we can present INTERVALS in human stereo!

This will be a moderate-sized print run, just 39 copies, so get your copy fast. While this will be available (eventually) from Volcanic Tongue, it won’t be available from some of our other sources, so best get it direct from us for $4.00 postpaid in North America.

ZCB has a lot of fine poetry available online. Google his name, pour yourself a quality microbrew beer, and sample his work for free…but don’t forget to send us that $4.00 the next day!  🙂

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