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November 29, 2007

Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal is back at KSE—-twice!

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Greetings to all who come to this blog from Luis’s interview at WHAT TO WEAR DURING AN ORANGE ALERT! Please read around this blog to learn more about Kendra Steiner Editions. We’ve published 80+ poetry chapbooks, and the most recent 10-12 are still available for only $4.00 each (or 3 for $10) postpaid in North America ($5 each overseas, postpaid).

Los Angeles poet Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal first appeared under the KSE imprint last June with WITHOUT PEACE (KSE #59), which was discussed in the interview. We were out of copies of that while switching over to a new printer, but now that the new machine is up, WITHOUT PEACE is available again, although we only have about 15 left until it’s gone.

Also, Luis is our featured chapbook author for the month of December, with his new one, KEEPERS OF SILENCE (KSE #82), a tribute to poet Luis Omar Salinas. That is scheduled for release on December 20.

San Francisco poet Michael Layne Heath and I have just about finished editing and proofing his new chapbook SACRED GROUNDS, which should be available December 1st (yes, in a few days). I will post information about it and MLH when the book is ready.

We’ve got an exciting line-up scheduled for the first half of 2008, but more on that later.

Right now, why not pick up 3 chapbooks for $10—-WITHOUT PEACE and two others of your choice from the “available KSE poetry chapbooks” page to the immediate right. Thanks!

November 23, 2007

Word Mechanics books now available from KSE

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In my interview with Orange Alert, I mentioned the two “real” poetry books I have done for Word Mechanics of Palm Springs, California. I do have a supply of each of those that I sell along with KSE product at readings and bookfairs, and I would be happy to sell a copy of either or both of those to anyone who wants one.

TWELVE GATES TO THE CITY: THE LABOURS OF HERCULES IN THE LONE STAR STATE is a 24-page, 12-poem sequence that is a modern re-casting of the classical 12 “labours” of Hercules, but set in contemporary Texas, documenting a quest of spiritual discovery that begins in Las Cruces, New Mexico,  makes 10 stops along the Interstate-10 corridor in Texas, and winds up in Lake Charles, Louisiana among the low-grade casinos. This is done in a beautiful letter-press edition handcrafted on 200-year-old equipment. It’s officially out of print and is selling on Amazon for $22.40 (!!!!!!!!!), but you can get it in North America for $8.00 postpaid (the cover price), and $10.00 postpaid elsewhere (overseas request a paypal invoice).

The second book, written throughout 2005 and published in early 2007, is POINT LOMA PURPLE: THE LIFE AND WORK OF KATHERINE TINGLEY (1848-1929). This is a 96-page perfect-bound book containing the 3300+ line historical poem in 18 sections, each one paralleling the same-numbered section of the Bhagavad-Gita to a greater or lesser degree. It tells the story of pioneering spiritual leader Katherine Tingley (1848-1929), who in the last few decades of her life set up a Utopian community at Point Loma, California (outside San Diego) and who was instrumental in bringing Eastern spiritual thought to general American audiences (following in the footsteps of Ralph Waldo Emerson and others earlier in the 1800’s). With the activities of Kendra Steiner Editions, I have not had a lot of time to promote this book (to the lament of the publisher!) so it has not received much exposure so far, and the publisher could not afford to take any ads to support it (WM took ads in THE PROGRESSIVE and UGLY THINGS and elsewhere to support TWELVE GATES). As a 3300+ line narrative historical poem, it’s quite different from my usual KSE output. Though technically still in print, unless you have been in an indie bookstore in South Texas or Central California, you’ve probably never seen this book (and it was never distributed through Volcanic Tongue). Katherine Tingley lived a long life, and I tried to capture its many fascinating stages as well as capture the texture of life in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. I spent a few years researching the book, so while reading it you can bone up on your history of the waning days of the Transcendentalist era, the various theories of stage acting in the 1880’s, and the European export of low-budget American silent westerns in the 1920’s. And if that’s not enough, as a bonus appendix, you get both the first KSE chapbook, FOUR TEXAS STREAMS (KSE #1), and the most popular early chapbook, PROTOTYPE (KSE #4), a suite of poems about the character “Mara” in Uvalde, Texas, a chapbook that has moved various jaded post-modern ironic cynics to tears! POINT LOMA is available for the cover price of $10 in North America postpaid, and $12 postpaid overseas (request Paypal invoice for overseas orders).

I’m very proud of each of these books (and thankful to WM for putting them out!) and hope you’ll consider taking a chance on one or both of them. You the reader can be the judge of their value, but I can promise you that nothing else like either of these books is being written or published today. As usual, check (or well-concealed cash) payable to Bill Shute, 8200 Pat Booker Rd. #399, San Antonio, Texas, 78233.

November 21, 2007

other news for late November 2007

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Michael Layne Heath’s new collection SACRED GROUNDS, the second of our major releases for November 2007, has been delayed a week or two, and I’d guess it will be available by December 10th. Michael and I have been working on it a lot the last few days, and frankly he’s written so much fine material capturing his unique view of San Francisco life so well that it’s hard to pare it down to eight pages, but that’s what we’re doing. The end result will be like rich food—-a small amount to be savored! Check back at the blog for updates on this book.

I also have a new release for November, RED DIPTYCH (KSE #77), the second chapbook I’ve written in tribute to the Catalan painter Antoni Tapies. A diptych is a two-part panel, often connected with a hinge, and the term is also used more broadly to designate an artwork with two panels next to each other. Warhol and Tapies both used this form often. For this work, I created six red images, each one comprising one of the two “panels” in the six-page suite, and then composed a short piece to accompany each image. Each of my six poems is a portrait of a middle-aged woman facing a struggle—-the ladies are named Nora, Irma, Lucille, Anna, Alicia, and Rocio. These poems are set here in San Antonio, but while the details may differ, the contours of life do not differ that much no matter where one is located. This is a horizontal chapbook (as the earlier STARLIGHT 1927 REMIX and DON’T LET ME STAND IN YOUR WAY were)…and both the Queen of Thailand and Serge Gainsbourg make guest appearances. It’s limited to 39 copies and will probably be sold out before Christmas, so act now or forever hold your peace!

Finally, the reprint series of  long-out-of-print early KSE chapbooks has begun. We are doing one per month in editions of 18 copies. The first one is now available, WINDOW ON THE SEA (KSE #24), the first Stuart Crutchfield/Bill Shute collaboration. Upon its release in 2006, Volcanic Tongue wrote,”Excellent trans-Atlantic collaboration between these two poets, with Shute writing from Texas, Crutchfield from Glasgow. Parallel texts that work multi-directional narratives connected by a thin, silvery logic.” What else do you need to know? Take a trip to New Orleans with a Scot and a Texan! With only 18 copies, this will go fast (and we’ve already sold 4 in the last few days).

BLUE VELOUR (KSE #75) by K.M. Dersley—-out now!

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We’ve been laying low for awhile, with our old printer broken down and the new one not yet assembled, but don’t worry—-we’ve got adequate stock of all new and recent chapbooks to get us through.

As promised, KSE #75, BLUE VELOUR by K.M Dersley is now available. From Southeastern England, Dersley has been publishing his distinctive fiction and poetry since the late 1970’s. Like myself, he is both poet and publisher, and his Ragged Edge website (see link to the right of this post) is a must-read. His second chapbook for KSE (his first, RETROSPECTIVE FORECASTS, came out in June 2007) contains eight brand-new poems written especially for this project. Once again, the reader is brought into the texture of life, and into the minds of those who live it, in Southeastern England. Dersley’s syntax and vocabulary and flow and rich variety of particulars make each one-page poem a deep and satisfying experience. Had Anthony Trollope done an apprenticeship as a Beat poet, perhaps his writing would be not unlike that of Keith Dersley. The wit, the hope for the future, the refusal to be beaten-down or burned-out that characterize KMD’s verse are all here in spades. We consider him a core member of the KSE team and we’re proud to issue this new collection. Keith will be making an appearance in Norwich, England in December where he’ll be selling the book. If you aren’t over there in the UK, get one directly from KSE for $4.00 postpaid in North America ($5.00 overseas).

KMD will be back again in a month or two, paired with poet Adrian Manning for NEXT EXIT: SIX, an all-England volume in our NE series.

November 18, 2007

Overseas Orders Now Welcome—-direct payment available!

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In the past I’ve steered all foreign order inquiries to Volcanic Tongue, but now anyone outside the US and Canada can order directly from us in Texas and save money. All chapbooks are available for just $5 each postpaid outside North America with direct payment through PayPal. Just send us an e-mail (django5722 (at) yahoo (dot) com) saying what books you want, we’ll send you a paypal invoice, and you can pay either through your paypal account OR by using your credit card. With the US dollar worth next to nothing nowadays, this is an excellent buy for our readers outside North America! PayPal is for buyers outside the US and Canada only. Since the USA no longer uses surface mail, most orders to Europe should be there within two weeks.

November 9, 2007

selected reprints of earlier KSE chapbooks: 07-08 schedule

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Black-and-white reprints (with slight changes in covers) of some of our earlier chapbooks (solo and collaborative works from Stuart Crutchfield, Brad Kohler, and Bill Shute) will be available one-per-month for the next six months in limited, numbered 18-copy editions (note: most of these chaps were originally printed in editions of 40-50 AND a number of un-numbered promos were also circulated of each,  so these reprints may well eventually become rarer than the originals!). As with our regular output, these will be $4 postpaid in North America and may be included in the    3-for-$10 offer. Here is the schedule for these releases (each will be available on the 20th of the month):


KSE #24, STUART CRUTCHFIELD / BILL SHUTE, window on the sea



KSE #28, BILL SHUTE, stop and you will become aware



KSE #35, BRAD KOHLER / BILL SHUTE, exacta box



KSE #23, BILL SHUTE, dream scene (sound library series, vol. 10)


MARCH 2008

KSE #13, BILL SHUTE, envy (sound library series, vol. 9)


APRIL 2008

KSE #34, STUART CRUTCHFIELD, shack simple


November 2, 2007

KSE new releases for November 2007

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We’ve got three new poetry chapbooks scheduled for release in mid-November 2007. English poet K.M. DERSLEY is back for his second KSE chapbook, BLUE VELOUR;       San Francisco poet MICHAEL LAYNE HEATH joins the KSE team with SACRED GROUNDS; and I have a new six-poem suite capturing a moment in time in the lives of six women…it’s called RED DIPTYCH. They should all be available by Thanksgiving, more or less. I’ll be writing more about the books and about Keith Dersley and M.L. Heath later this month. Check back weekly if you can. I also plan on writing a piece outlining the Kendra Steiner Editions aesthetic sometime in November.



#77, BILL SHUTE, RED DIPTYCH (for antoni tapies).

Once again, you’ll be able to get the three new releases for $10 postpaid in North America.

And the October releases are still available:





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