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November 21, 2007

BLUE VELOUR (KSE #75) by K.M. Dersley—-out now!

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We’ve been laying low for awhile, with our old printer broken down and the new one not yet assembled, but don’t worry—-we’ve got adequate stock of all new and recent chapbooks to get us through.

As promised, KSE #75, BLUE VELOUR by K.M Dersley is now available. From Southeastern England, Dersley has been publishing his distinctive fiction and poetry since the late 1970’s. Like myself, he is both poet and publisher, and his Ragged Edge website (see link to the right of this post) is a must-read. His second chapbook for KSE (his first, RETROSPECTIVE FORECASTS, came out in June 2007) contains eight brand-new poems written especially for this project. Once again, the reader is brought into the texture of life, and into the minds of those who live it, in Southeastern England. Dersley’s syntax and vocabulary and flow and rich variety of particulars make each one-page poem a deep and satisfying experience. Had Anthony Trollope done an apprenticeship as a Beat poet, perhaps his writing would be not unlike that of Keith Dersley. The wit, the hope for the future, the refusal to be beaten-down or burned-out that characterize KMD’s verse are all here in spades. We consider him a core member of the KSE team and we’re proud to issue this new collection. Keith will be making an appearance in Norwich, England in December where he’ll be selling the book. If you aren’t over there in the UK, get one directly from KSE for $4.00 postpaid in North America ($5.00 overseas).

KMD will be back again in a month or two, paired with poet Adrian Manning for NEXT EXIT: SIX, an all-England volume in our NE series.

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