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November 21, 2007

other news for late November 2007

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Michael Layne Heath’s new collection SACRED GROUNDS, the second of our major releases for November 2007, has been delayed a week or two, and I’d guess it will be available by December 10th. Michael and I have been working on it a lot the last few days, and frankly he’s written so much fine material capturing his unique view of San Francisco life so well that it’s hard to pare it down to eight pages, but that’s what we’re doing. The end result will be like rich food—-a small amount to be savored! Check back at the blog for updates on this book.

I also have a new release for November, RED DIPTYCH (KSE #77), the second chapbook I’ve written in tribute to the Catalan painter Antoni Tapies. A diptych is a two-part panel, often connected with a hinge, and the term is also used more broadly to designate an artwork with two panels next to each other. Warhol and Tapies both used this form often. For this work, I created six red images, each one comprising one of the two “panels” in the six-page suite, and then composed a short piece to accompany each image. Each of my six poems is a portrait of a middle-aged woman facing a struggle—-the ladies are named Nora, Irma, Lucille, Anna, Alicia, and Rocio. These poems are set here in San Antonio, but while the details may differ, the contours of life do not differ that much no matter where one is located. This is a horizontal chapbook (as the earlier STARLIGHT 1927 REMIX and DON’T LET ME STAND IN YOUR WAY were)…and both the Queen of Thailand and Serge Gainsbourg make guest appearances. It’s limited to 39 copies and will probably be sold out before Christmas, so act now or forever hold your peace!

Finally, the reprint series of  long-out-of-print early KSE chapbooks has begun. We are doing one per month in editions of 18 copies. The first one is now available, WINDOW ON THE SEA (KSE #24), the first Stuart Crutchfield/Bill Shute collaboration. Upon its release in 2006, Volcanic Tongue wrote,”Excellent trans-Atlantic collaboration between these two poets, with Shute writing from Texas, Crutchfield from Glasgow. Parallel texts that work multi-directional narratives connected by a thin, silvery logic.” What else do you need to know? Take a trip to New Orleans with a Scot and a Texan! With only 18 copies, this will go fast (and we’ve already sold 4 in the last few days).

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