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December 24, 2007

closing down 2007===getting ready for 2008!!!

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KSE will be closing down operations between 27 December and 4 January while I’m travelling back East and Kendra is visiting friends and hanging out w/ her brother Eric. The foreign PayPal orders rec’d in the last few days will be sent out Wednesday the 26th. Feel free to mail in orders while we’re gone, and those will be shipped the day I get back. More than half of Michael Layne Heath’s SACRED GROUNDS are gone now, and Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal’s KEEPERS OF SILENCE is flying out of here as fast as I can print them. Even my own 44 HARMONIES is about 75% gone now! And we’re down to the last five copies of Christopher Cunningham’s NEXT EXIT: FIVE. When they are gone, they are gone.

We began 2007 as a small group of 5 poets, and now we’ve expanded to 20 (21 counting me). I’d like to thank all the great poets we’ve had the privilege of working with and publishing this year: Stuart Crutchfield, David Keenan, Byron Coley, Brad Kohler, Thomas Michael McDade, Doug Draime, Michael Casey, Michael Ceraolo, Mark Weber, K.M. Dersley, Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal, Zachary C. Bush, Misti Rainwater-Lites,  Michael Layne Heath, and Christopher Cunningham. AND thanks to the poets we’ve been working with recently whose chapbooks will appear in the first quarter of 2008: Adrian Manning, Glenn W. Cooper, Caleb Puckett, and Hosho McCreesh. Thanks to the bloggers and editors and fellow poets who have helped to spread the word about the Kendra Steiner Editions team and the more than 80 chapbooks we’ve issued. Thanks also to everyone who has bought or traded for the books, and of course thanks to our friends at Volcanic Tongue in Glasgow, who have stood by us since day one.

Congratulations to Misti Rainwater-Lites and to Adrian Manning for the new arrivals in their families, and best wishes to Zachary C. Bush on his relocation to New York City.

Thanks to Creel Pone Records for the musical inspiration for the last three years (84 releases and counting…the most recent being Nicolas Schoffer’s “Hommage a Bartok”):

And finally, thanks to you for reading this and checking the blog on occasion. As of today, 24 December 2007, we’ve had 2350 visitors!

See you in 2008–with a killer line-up of poetry chapbooks, at least 2 per month.

–Bill Shute (San Antonio, Texas)

December 20, 2007

KEEPERS OF SILENCE (KSE #82) now available

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The wait is over—-the new chapbook from Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal, KEEPERS OF SILENCE (KSE #82) is now available. It’s quite different from Luis’s earlier KSE chapbook, WITHOUT PEACE (KSE #59—-we just reprinted some more a few weeks ago!), but possesses the same precision of language, understated power, and lyricism.

These poems are a tribute to one of Luis’s mentors, the great Chicano poet Luis Omar Salinas. Like Luis, Mr. Salinas is a man who watches and listens and is at one with his environment. A man who, like a priest or shaman or an old-time bluesman, is both keeper of words for his people and keeper of silence, of that wisdom which transcends language and requires one to listen, first and foremost. “The rivers flow inside us,/ keepers of silence/ in the ‘sadness of days’ ” . In this chapbook, we walk with Salinas alongside Spanish poet Miguel Hernandez (MH as Virgil to Salinas’s Dante); we watch Salinas’s tragi-comic battle with Death; we see the beauty of autumn and of California through the poet’s eyes; and in the final poem, Luis pronounces “I am Cuauhtemoc, the poet” (echoing the classic “I am Joaquin”) and stakes his own poetic claim, truth-teller and keeper of silence for the next generation…and the generations to come.

This is a powerful collection that speaks with a quiet authority. Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal, based in Los Angeles, is a widely published poet (google his name and you’ll have hours of fine reading at online poetry sites) and author of the book RAW MATERIALS (2004, Pygmy Forest Press) and the chapbook WITHOUT PEACE (2007, Kendra Steiner Editions). He is also a founding core member of the Guerilla Poetics Project…and is himself a friend and mentor to many in the poetry world. KEEPERS OF SILENCE is a limited numbered edition of 64 copies, and we’ve already moved a dozen in the first two days, so act fast. $4.00 postpaid in North America (or choose two other books from our list and get 3 for 10 postpaid in N.A.)—-send check to Bill Shute, 8200 Pat Booker Rd. #399, San Antonio, Texas, 78233. Overseas, it’s $5.00 postpaid—-e-mail us to request a paypal invoice (django5722 at yahoo dot com).

This is our final release of 2007. Don’t forget the other recent releases:

#84, BILL SHUTE, pulses of time (creel pone sound study #7);

#79, BILL SHUTE, 44 harmonies (sound library, volume 27);

#78, MICHAEL LAYNE HEATH, sacred grounds;

#76, ZACHARY C. BUSH/BILL SHUTE, intervals (creel pone sound study #6) ;

#75, K. M. DERSLEY, blue velour;

#69, CHRISTOPHER CUNNINGHAM, next exit: five;

#68, MISTI RAINWATER-LITES, lullabies for jackson

We’ll be back in 2008 with new releases from K. M. Dersley, Adrian Manning, Stuart Crutchfield, Doug Draime, Glenn W. Cooper, Misti Rainwater-Lites, Caleb Puckett, and Hosho McCreesh, among others.

December 17, 2007

PULSES OF TIME (KSE #84) now available

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Our featured release for the second half of December, Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal’s KEEPERS OF SILENCE (KSE #82), will be out in a few days, so in the meantime I will discreetly slip in another new piece of my own, PULSES OF TIME (KSE #84), the seventh entry in our Creel Pone Sound Study series, this one inspired by the recent CP reissue of UK-based, New Zealand-born composer Denis Smalley’s 1979 masterpiece THE PULSES OF TIME.

This is a five-poem suite, also incorporating two visual images into the text. Winter has arrived, even here in South Texas, and this piece–though not set in Texas–captures the cold of winter on the nighttime streets of a major American city at five points during a twelve-hour period (with a brief interlude in Marseilles, France).

Rupert Murdoch has purchased and trashed The Wall Street Journal, Cezanne looks out his window toward the bay, Krishnamurti ponders image vs. actuality, graveyard shift Police cruise the downtown area, and Citibank wants to offer you Money Market Checking.  Cornelius Cardew’s legendary/infamous essay “Stockhausen Serves Imperialism” even makes a brief appearance near the climax. As is the KSE tradition, PULSES OF TIME gives you more to chew on in five pages than most novels would give you in two hundred pages. So get in the groove, to the beat of someone banging a James Brown “on the one” beat on a dumpster containing soiled Lo Mein, and order your copy of PULSES OF TIME (in an edition of only 31 numbered copies) today!

Next dispatch: Luis’s new chapbook, in a few days.

December 12, 2007

reprint of STOP AND YOU WILL BECOME AWARE (KSE #28) now available

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The December 2007 entry in our limited reprint series (the collab with Stuart Crutchfield WINDOW ON THE SEA was the November reprint–we still have a few of those left) comes from October 2006 and is called STOP AND YOU WILL BECOME AWARE, originally KSE #28. Named after the 1968 single (and Northern Soul monster) by Helen Shapiro, this chapbook was something of a breakthrough piece for me in that it was featured at my readings supporting POINT LOMA PURPLE and went over very well in-person (it deals with some local issues and personalities), and also I distributed about two dozen of them in the San Antonio area as a bonus gift for people who bought PLP at a reading or bookfair signing. The title phrase—-STOP AND YOU WILL BECOME AWARE—-really sums up many different things, among them poetry. STOP, and realize what’s around you. STOP, and look at your environment the way you look at an artwork. STOP, and realize the bullsh*t that’s being gotten away with in your community and in the world at large. STOP, and realize how much of life we tend to live on automatic pilot. That’s certainly among my responsibilities as a poet—-and when I think about some of our other KSE poets such as Christopher Cunningham, K.M. Dersley, Misti Rainwater-Lites, Doug Draime, Michael Layne Heath, that (IMHO) is exactly what they are doing. Stopping to analyze and document the combination of elements that come together at a certain place at a certain time that we consider “reality” and viewing that combination from a certain perspective, as a painter does.

STOP AND YOU WILL BECOME AWARE contains six short poems:

1) a meditation on the subject of windows—-that which stands between us and what we think we are viewing;

2) a fictional narrative about a dollar store. At the time I wrote this, a Dollar General store was the “anchor” of our neighborhood, but it went out of business in early 2007 and now the aging strip mall where it was located sits almost vacant (2 of the 10 slots occupied by businesses). The Dollar Store phenomenon—-like the check-cashing and payday loan outfits one sees everywhere—-is an interesting one and the perfect symbol for life during this curious age of Bush/Cheney/Clinton;

3) a brief STOP to recharge the spiritual batteries;

4) a portrait of someone (based on a neighbor) who listens to right-wing hate radio all day. We see daily the tragic effects of violent video games and violent pornography and violent gore films and the post-Tarantino violence-can-be-an-ironic-joke-haha! attitude, but there are also effects from a steady diet of right-wing hate programming and disinformation (this theme again appeared in my new 44 HARMONIES). Perhaps if you live in Boston or Madison, Wisconsin, or Boulder, Colorado or England, you are not exposed to this. However, if you live in the South or the Midwest or the West or the Southwest USA, it’s everywhere. You hear it in small mom-and-pop stores, you hear it at intersections coming out of cars, you hear it coming from people’s backyards and homes, you hear it on the hour and the half-hour when you tune into an AM radio station for traffic or weather. It’s part of everyday life here, alas, and it should be documented as part of our environment. I’ll leave it to future historians and sociologists to analyze its impact and the damage it has done, how it has been used in such a cynical manner by corporate and military-industrial-complex and Republican interests to further their agenda. Broadcast historians can analyze how it evolved from Father Coughlin and Walter Winchell through Joe Pyne and the like–but living in Texas, I FEEL its influence every day;

5) a brief narrative poem based on a pioneering punk musician I once knew whose life was permanently cracked after he did a prison term. He was a broken and defeated man, a shell of his former self, when I visited him about a year after his release. He was one of those people who’d been to hell and lived to come back from it, but while his body went through the motions, the core of his being was no longer there, like someone who’d been through a course of electro-shock therapy or who’d had a lobotomy;

6) a portrait of a local psychotic fundamentalist minister who has been a major champion of both the US occupation of Iraq and the Israeli bombardment of and incursion into Lebanon in July and August 2006. I’m embarassed that my fair city, San Antonio, has produced a dangerous hatemonger such as this, taking the name of Jesus (who, last time I checked, represented peace and love and tolerance) and using it to justify war and carnage and inquisitions. Yes, someday he’ll have to answer for all this, but I want that day to be NOW!

So there’s an introduction to the new reissue. Only 18 copies are available, so act fast. The original issue of 40 copies sold out quickly.

Try the following link for a 30-second excerpt from the title song as performed by Helen Shapiro and featured on the UK compilation TALCUM SOUL, VOLUME 5 (you’ll also get excerpts from the rest of the album, but what the heck, it’s free, and it may be the perfect musical background for skimming the articles on this blog!):

December 9, 2007

44 HARMONIES (KSE #79) now available

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My own new chapbook, 44 HARMONIES (KSE #79), Volume 27 in the Sound Library Series, is now available. Set in the Midwest and the mind, it contains 44 three-line stanzas, each a piece of the mosaic. I was going to describe it as “kaleidoscopic,” but as I did a little research, I discovered it’s actually teleidoscopic. Check this definition from the Brewster Kaleidoscope Society: ” In a TELEIDOSCOPE, there is no endpiece containing color, only a clear lens that turns everything it is pointed toward into a kaleidoscopic image. Brewster referred to the teleidoscope as the purest form of a kaleidoscope, because the viewer is not limited by the objects in an endpiece. Rather, the whole world becomes his kaleidoscope. It’s been said that the ultimate value of the teleidoscope is the potential each viewer has to see the artistic value in his own environment. ” I would also compare the chapbook’s structure to that of a quilt, the subject matter of the pieces being the world as seen from the plains of Kansas or Northern Oklahoma. I lived in the Sooner State in the late 70s and early 80s, and I got to know Kansas well also during that period. However, 44 HARMONIES takes place TODAY–the topography, politics, culture, and economy are all current. It’s a cry in the late 2007/early 2008 Wilderness that is contemporary America.

The musical inspiration for this piece is John Cage’s 44 Harmonies for Apartment 1776 (composed in 1976 during the Bicentennial). Cage’s method in 44 Harmonies could best be described as “art by subtraction.” Based on 18th Century American songs and hymns, Cage’s work is a beautiful and understated and mysterious one, and I hope that I have captured some of that beauty and understatement and mystery in my own 44 Harmonies. The chapbook and the artwork are all in shades of grey… as are a lot of other things.

Presently in the on-deck circle at KSE is Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal, with his new KEEPERS OF SILENCE (KSE #82). It’s scheduled for December 20, but with the holidays coming, we may release it a few days earlier.

December 7, 2007

3 chapbooks for $10—-December 2007 offerings

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Don’t forget our 3 for $10 deal for North American customers. We’ve got a number of strong recent releases you can choose from:

#28 (REPRINT SERIES) BILL SHUTE, stop and you will become aware;



#84, BILL SHUTE, pulses of time (creel pone sound study #7);

#79, BILL SHUTE, 44 harmonies (sound library, volume 27);

#78, MICHAEL LAYNE HEATH, sacred grounds;

#76, ZACHARY C. BUSH/BILL SHUTE, intervals (creel pone sound study #6);

#75, K. M. DERSLEY, blue velour;

#74, BILL SHUTE, don’t look back (sound library, volume 26);

#70, BILL SHUTE, bridge to nowhere (sound library, volume 25) ;

#69, CHRISTOPHER CUNNINGHAM, next exit: five;

#68, MISTI RAINWATER-LITES, lullabies for jackson;

#67,  BILL SHUTE, norwich unveiled ;

#66,  ZACHARY C. BUSH/BRAD KOHLER, next exit: four ;


#63, STUART CRUTCHFIELD/BILL SHUTE, telesma charging (sound library, vol. 24—inspired by the music of Axolotl);


Send check (or well-concealed cash) payable to Bill Shute, 8200 Pat Booker Rd. #399, San Antonio, Texas, 78233.  Outside of North America, books are only $5 postpaid. Request a paypal invoice for whatever you’d like.

Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal’s KEEPERS OF SILENCE is due on December 20.

2000+ visitors to KSE blog

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Today we passed the 2000 mark for unique visitors to this blog.

Thanks to our regular visitors and customers and readers…and let’s hope the new visitors want to come back for a second or third or fourth visit.

December 6, 2007

singer-songwriter Jim Ford passes away, 11/2007

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According to the Bear Family Records website, acclaimed singer-songwriter JIM FORD was found dead at his California home in late November 2007. A poet of the first order who chose songwriting as his art-form, Ford only recently re-appeared on the music scene after decades of absence. A better obituary than I could ever write was penned by L-P Anderson at Bear Family’s website. I can’t directly link to it, so I’ll copy it here:

Less than a year after Bear Family’s highly successful and critically acclaimed Jim Ford CD, ‘Sounds Of Our Time’, we’re faced with the sad and tragic news that the prolific singer/songwriter has left life on earth behind. Early in the evening of Sunday, November 18th 2007 Jim was found dead in his home by the Fort Bragg Sheriff’s department. The open lid of Ford’s beloved Peugeot parked in the rain outside caused neighbours to suspect something had gone wrong. We don’t know what caused his death, but an autopsy is being carried out. James Henry Ford was the composer of Aretha Franklin’s Niky Hoeky and Bobby Womack’s Harry Hippie. He was Sly Stone’s friend and a big influence on Nick Lowe. In 1969 Jim Ford blended the sounds of gritty R&B with down-home country on the now legendary album, ‘ Harlan County ‘. Its music occupies the land where R&B meets country, Memphis and Nashville meet Louisiana , and the Mississippi Delta meets Appalachia . Jim Ford had a tremendous impact on everyone who crossed his path. He is featured on Sly & The Family Stone’s classic There’s A Riot Going On and during a short stint in London 1971 he helped ignite what would later be known as the UK pub rock scene. In the ‘80s, Jim Ford disappeared into a haze of drug abuse and erratic behaviour.Many tried to find Jim Ford, but no one succeeded until April 2006 when he was tracked down to a trailer park in Mendocino County , California . In the liner notes to ‘Sounds Of Our Time’, Jim finally told his full and almost incomprehensible story. In his modest mobile home we found master tapes galore spread out over the floor. Bear Family assembled a compilation, ‘Sounds Of Our Time’, and finally Jim Ford got his long overdue recognition. Jim Ford didn’t lead a very glamorous life when we first encountered him, but money from the first Bear Family CD helped to improve his financial situation. Just days before his death we advanced Jim money for our upcoming ‘Point Of No Return’ compilation.

The success of ‘Sounds Of Our Time’ also made the idea of recording new material possible. At times there was talk of using Jim Dickinson as producer and James Burton volunteered to play guitar. A charity gig for Jim was to take place in London , U.K. on 18th May 2008 . Nick Lowe was supposed to perform together with Jim Ford in person. Sadly we won’t get to see or hear any of this now.

Jim Ford has been described as otherworldly, and his charisma, humour and musical talents definitely were. Jim Ford’s legacy will live on. Many Jim Ford projects are under construction and no devotee will be left disappointed. We aim to preserve his music and recordings for generations to come.

Jim Ford will be missed by many. Our thoughts are especially with Merrily Pence, who patiently stood at Jim’s side for the last fifteen years, and Movita Castenada who lived together with Jim in the ‘60s and ‘70s. Jim Ford was stepfather to Movita and Marlon Brando’s two children, Miko & Rebecca.

L-P Anderson


In October, I reviewed Jim’s new album SOUNDS OF OUR TIME for the upcoming issue of UGLY THINGS magazine, which should appear in a few months. I couldn’t say much in 300 words, but here is that review as it will appear in UT:

JIM FORD–“The Sounds of Our Time” (Bear Family, Germany)

       This fascinating Bear Family release contains Kentucky-born Ford’s legendary 1969 “Harlan Countyalbum, various late 60’s/early 70’s 45s, and some amazing unreleased tunes.  Harlan County,” released in 1969 on White Whale’s Sundown subsidiary, received little promotion and was saddled with an unattractive cover. The album resembles other eccentric Southern R&B-country mixes such as Dale Hawkins’s L.A., Memphis, and Tyler,  Texas album, Jim Dickinson’s Dixie Fried,  and Tony Joe White’s Monument-label output. The song “Harlan County” is a wonderfully sarcastic R&B/gospel stomper that would have been the anthem of every small-town outcast had it been heard widely at the time. The rest of the album combines a rich variety of influences, both roots-based and pop-based, in the eclectic, unexpected way one associates with a Doug Sahm or a Van Morrison (Ford calls his style “country funk.”), though the result sounds nothing like either. The slow and menacing fuzz-punk take on “Spoonful” is also an instant classic.     Most songs are originals, and with his insightful comments on life and society and relationships, the haunting melodies and chord progressions, and the perfectly-chosen details and turns of phrase, it’s not hard to see why Ford’s songs have been widely covered (he once wrote an entire album for The Temptations!).The second half of the CD contains a handful of obscure 45’s as well as many country and soul-flavored demos that are sparse and highlight Ford’s aching soulful voice and well-crafted songs. The duet with Bobby Womack, “Sounds of Our Time,” should stop any listener in his/her tracks–it’s so incredibly powerful and beautiful, I can compare it only to the first time I heard James Carr’s “At The Dark End of the Street.” I was speechless. Buy this CD immediately! Besides, how many other male artists’ albums feature their own Playboy pictorials?                                                                                                     –Bill Shute

December 5, 2007

SACRED GROUNDS (KSE #78) now available!

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San Francisco poet Michael Layne Heath joins the KSE family with a strong new collection of poems set in the back alleys and furnished rooms of one of America’s great poetry cities. Michael first emerged on the scene circa 1978 with his punkzine Vintage Violence, documenting the DC music scene, and I first discovered his work a few years after that, around the time I started my own zine INNER MYSTIQUE circa 1981. Even in his music writing, I always sensed masterful use of tone and detail, of wit and cultural reference.  When I read his two poetry chapbooks, COUNT TO FIVE AND TELL THE TRUTH and PUT IT THIS WAY (both published by Feudal Gesture Press in 2006), I was blown away and immediately approached him about doing some new original work for KSE.  SACRED GROUNDS (KSE #78) is the result, a chapbook that puts you on the lean mean streets of San Francisco, fills you with sexual hunger, and soothes you with the feedback-drenched white noise of Flipper and the Velvet Underground. There’s also a poetic tribute to the great singer, survivor, and proto-punk icon P.J. Proby. Michael wrote a fine piece on Proby a few years ago (you can read it at ), which even generated a positive response from Proby himself, who offered to send Michael a CD he didn’t have in his collection!!! SACRED GROUNDS is an essential chapbook–you’ll never look at soprano saxophones the same way again! Michael continues to publish in many places, including superb liner notes for albums from the Water Records family and pieces in the  psychedelic culture and music magazine PTOLEMAIC TERRASCOPE,  a magazine I always seek out.

Now available for $4.00 postpaid in North America ($5.00 overseas–request paypal invoice for overseas orders).

Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal’s new one, KEEPERS OF SILENCE, a tribute to poet Luis Omar Salinas, is due on December 20th.

Glenn W. Cooper and I just finished the selection and sequencing of his amazing RIMBAUD IN THE CITY: 10 SNAPSHOTS, a re-imagining of poet Arthur Rimbaud banished to our contemporary world. That is scheduled for January 20th.

In other recent activities, a new all-England edition of our ongoing NEXT EXIT series is near completion; I’m working on something called 44 HARMONIES (which I hope to have done by Christmas); and just this week I’ve approached two more poets to join the KSE family.

With KSE authors being featured for two weeks in a row at WHAT TO WEAR DURING AN ORANGE ALERT ( ), we’ve had a number of new hits on the blog (we’re almost at 2000 unique visitors!) and new inquiries. Thanks for your interest, and be sure to check out the AVAILABLE KSE CHAPBOOKS page to the right of this message to see what’s available RIGHT NOW!!!

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