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January 31, 2008

SLASH & BURN (KSE #86) now available

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The first of our three (four, if you count the reprint of DREAM SCENE) chapbooks for February 2008 is now available, my own SLASH & BURN (Sound Library Series, Volume 28). The musical inspiration this time around is Scott Walker’s instrumental score for the dance piece “and who shall go to the ball? and what shall go to the ball?,” released on the 4AD label in the UK last fall. It’s a jagged, invigorating score. Both Walker’s and the choreographer’s notes emphasize the music’s evocation of cuts, the way that society and the world slash both the body and the consciousness. I too tried to capture that conflict in this 5-part piece.

slash and burn

When I visited the Pittsburgh area in early January, the weather was below freezing even during the day and snow fell most of the time. As someone who lives in San Antonio, which has a similar latitude to Cairo and Kuwait City, this was a constant irritant to me, something I was always conscious of. I felt it was the perfect symbol of the theme mentioned above, so I started there, imagining a scene set in greater Pittsburgh (a composite formed from various neighborhoods which I visited, including the one where Brad Kohler lives). The setting is right before sunrise, as workers get ready to brave the storm and catch the bus and face another day. As with most of my pieces, this is a collage of images and sensations, intended to capture the rugged and abrasive beauty of Pittsburgh winter; the way we workers face and take on the challenge of each work day; the manner in which the Army and the Border Patrol dangle financial incentives among economically distressed populations; the way we often project our past experiences onto daily reality instead of dealing with it in a fresh and spontaneous manner; and the possibility of spiritual growth and development while “in the trenches” of daily work and life. SLASH & BURN is also intended as a “core sample” of 2008 America. Those who enjoyed my SAN ANTONIO GOOD FRIDAY and NORWICH UNVEILED chapbooks should also appreciate this one. Only 38 copies of this, so act fast. SLASH & BURN will be available from Volcanic Tongue in Glasgow later in February. But you can get it now for $4 postpaid in the US or $5 postpaid elsewhere directly from KSE. Check the “available KSE chapbooks” page to the right for ordering information.

Later in February we will present the newest NEXT EXIT volume, featuring K. M. Dersley and Adrian Manning, AND a new chapbook of vintage never-before-published poems from Doug Draime. Stay tuned…

New KSE Mailing Address

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We’ve made a slight move (just a few doors down from the old address, and fortunately even closer to the wonderful YiaYia & Papou’s Greek restaurant, so we won’t have to walk so far to get the loaves of homemade Olive Bread we subsist on at the KSE offices) and now have a new mailing address. Please send all Kendra Steiner Editions-related mail to


8141-B  Pat Booker Rd. #399

San Antonio, Texas  78233

Checks should still be made payable to William Shute. For overseas orders, please e-mail me at django5722 (at) yahoo (dot) com and request a paypal invoice. Thanks!

Three exciting new chapbooks up for February. You’ll be hearing about the first of the three soon…

January 26, 2008

late January 2008 notes

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Just finished a new piece of mine, SLASH & BURN, set in Pittsburgh. It will come out in February…more about it then. However, my silence on the blog recently was due to my working on SLASH & BURN, as well as handling orders for Hosho McCreesh’s 37 PSALMS FROM THE BADLANDS and Glenn W. Cooper’s RIMBAUD IN THE CITY.

Also February will bring NEXT EXIT: SIX, an all-England volume featuring K. M. Dersley, who has already done two fine chapbooks (RETROSPECTIVE FORECASTS and BLUE VELOUR) for KSE and is a core member of our family of poets, and the much-acclaimed Adrian Manning, author of two of my favorite poetry chapbooks of recent years (REPEATING THE MANTRA and WRETCHED SONGS FOR OUT OF TUNE MUSICIANS) and editor/publisher of Concrete Meat Press. This will be Adrian’s first work for KSE, and he has also agreed to do a solo chapbook for us later in 2008. Why not check out Concrete Meat’s fine offerings at  .

Additionally, I’ve been working with Doug Draime on a few projects that should see the light of day in 2008, and one of those should be coming out in the next two months. The scope of Doug’s achievement over the last 40 years (!!!!) is mind-blowing, and both of the projects we’ve been working on will show sides of Doug’s range that might not be that familiar to you.

As always, thanks for your interest and support. And thanks to Hosho McCreesh and Glenn W. Cooper and Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal and Michael Layne Heath and Keith Dersley (and all the others, now 21 in total!) for sharing their work with KSE so we may share it with YOU!

EXACTA BOX (KSE #35) reprint now available

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Released on Thanksgiving Day 2006, EXACTA BOX was a collaboration with Pittsburgh-area poet/writer/artist Brad Kohler. I’d read and enjoyed Brad’s earlier collection of horse-racing poetry, SUCKER BET DOWN IN CLASS, so I approached him with the idea of the two of us collaborating on a five-to-six page extended horse-racing poem.

I’ve done collaborative works with a number of poets, but the nature of the collaboration differs with each project. First of all, I don’t consider the NEXT EXIT books to be collaborations, because the poets work separately–I as editor choose the pieces and program them in a certain running order. Perhaps we could think of them as “joint exhibitions.” Or in the tradition of films such as NEW YORK STORIES or LUMIERE AND COMPANY or LOVE AND ANGER where filmmakers respond to the same challenge or prompt, and their independently created pieces sit alongside one another.

No, collaboration involves two poets working together, at minimum reacting to each other’s material. I compared my collaboration with Zachary C. Bush, INTERVALS, to a jam session, with two tenor players squaring off and alternating choruses on the same tune, but joining in together on the theme and the occasional bridge, and on occasion playing harmony against the other’s melodic lines. Some of my collaborations with Stuart Crutchfield involved us alternating lines or stanzas, and suggesting edits on each other’s contributions to make the whole thing more seamless.

With EXACTA BOX, Brad and I worked together (by mail, since Brad does not own or use a computer and types his poems on the back of racing tip sheets and advertising leaflets from the local market) developing each other’s ideas, often working together in the wording of a single line, capturing a cross-section of the people and the culture of the Sport of Kings. The original printing sold out quickly and was quite popular at my readings in support of POINT LOMA PURPLE. We tried to work all five senses into our descriptions of track action and lifestyle. The end result is 165 fully-packed lines that are simultaneously a homage to and an analysis of the racing and wagering life.

Only $4 postpaid in North America or 3 different chapbooks for $10 ($5 each overseas). See the “available KSE poetry chapbooks” page to the right for ordering instructions.

Only 18 copies of this reissue were printed (with some slight changes to the original cover), and some of those have already been sold as I’ve had this listed as “available” for a few weeks. Act now!

By the way, when I was visiting with Brad in Pittsburgh earlier this month, I asked him if he’d be interested in re-editing his classic collection SUCKER BET DOWN IN CLASS for Kendra Steiner Editions, and he was not averse to doing it, so I’ll have to keep pestering Brad about it, and maybe we can get it finished and released by the end of 2008. I doubt most have ever even seen a copy of this…and Brad himself has only one copy of it. There’s a certain elegance and poetry to the logic, the wisdom of the serious bettor–I’ve never seen it better captured and expressed than in Brad’s SUCKER BET…

3100+ visitors to blog

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As of 1/25/08, we’ve passed the 3100 visitor mark on this blog. Many thanks!!!!!

January 15, 2008

37 PSALMS FROM THE BADLANDS (KSE #85) now available!

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Poet and visual artist Hosho McCreesh  is a man who has travelled extensively and had a wide variety of life experiences, but his creative work often continues to grow out of his love for his native New Mexico. I’d followed his work for the last few years online, and many of my fellow poets consider him one of their favorite writers, waiting anxiously for each new chapbook or online poem. I first approached Hosho about doing half of a Next Exit volume (NE8, where he is paired with Oklahoma poet Caleb Puckett), which he wrote in about 10 days after my asking him and which was brilliant (as you’ll see in March when it comes out!). He seemed to be on fire poetically in late December, so I made him an offer, which I’m glad he did not refuse!

I was going to be out of state for ten days after Christmas, and I asked Hosho if he’d like to do a solo suite of poems capturing his beloved New Mexico while I was gone. If he had it ready when I arrived back in early January, I’d put it out as a January release, literally TWO WEEKS after it was written. He was up to the challenge, and 37 PSALMS FROM THE BADLANDS was ready when I returned. It’s now available as our second release of 2008 (along with Glenn W. Cooper’s RIMBAUD IN THE CITY: 10 SNAPSHOTS).

37 PSALMS mixes history, geography, culture, flora and fauna, politics, work, and much more to create a living, breathing, vibrant New Mexico on the page and in the mind. It’s a poetic mosaic—-each piece beautiful and potent in itself, but combining together to create a complex whole that resonates and changes with each reading. And all this in 8 pages!!!

An exciting NEW work from an exciting poet, written within the last month! All of Mr. McCreesh’s earlier chapbooks are out of print, and this one has already been selling fast (in fact, just today, someone wanted to buy SEVEN copies of it—-I had to remind her that we only sell one copy of each book per person and do not do wholesale), so act now or forever regret that you missed one of the few books of this or any year that may remind you of both Gary Snyder AND Sergio Leone, but really it’s 100% McCreesh, as he is a total original.

Why not use our 3 for $10 special for the three January releases?



Brad Kohler / Bill Shute, EXACTA BOX (reprint of out-of-print 2006 horseracing poetry collaboration).

Check or well-concealed cash payable to Bill Shute, 8200 Pat Booker Rd. #399, San Antonio, Texas 78233.

Outside North America, books are $5 each postpaid. Write and request a paypal invoice. Many thanks for everyone’s support! We’ve got some exciting new releases scheduled for February (including the all-England edition of Next Exit: Six, featuring K.M. Dersley and Adrian Manning….AND the reprint of DREAM SCENE, my poetic tribute to George Harrison’s WONDERWALL MUSIC), but let’s sell these January ones first!

January 14, 2008

KSE #83, RIMBAUD IN THE CITY: 10 SNAPSHOTS, now available

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We’re proud to welcome the distinguished Australian poet GLENN W. COOPER to the Kendra Steiner Editions poetic crew. Mr. Cooper lives in Tamworth (which seems like Australia’s version of Oklahoma!) in NSW and has published some of my favorite chapbooks of the last few years: FIRST TOUCH (Bottle of Smoke Press), PLANET ALI (Blind Dog Press, an entire book of poems relating to Muhammad Ali), and his most recent, SOME NATURAL THINGS (Kamini Press). All three are still available, and a quick Google search should bring up ordering information.

Cooper’s work features a lean muscular style, a dry self-deprecating wit, and a distinctive line with use of caesura and ampersands. Cooper’s voice emerges clearly in every piece, leading us along and pulling us through, finding the magical in the seemingly mundane.

After reading PLANET ALI, I contacted Glenn and asked him if he would be interested in working on a suite of related poems for KSE, and he mentioned that he’d been working on a collection of poems featuring legendary French poet Arthur Rimbaud washed ashore in the contemporary world. Rimbaud, who died in his late 30s, wrote most of his major works early in his life and spent his latter years travelling and living in far-flung places such as Africa, Indonesia, and Cyprus…so it’s not too much of a stretch for Glenn W. Cooper to extend his life and his travels to modern day Australia/America/Europe (take your pick). Rimbaud’s story could be the story of any poet stuck in another world  and trying to find something meaningful among the madness—-it may well be YOUR story! Glenn finished the sequence in December, we edited it down to 10 poems and sequenced it, and now this quirky, powerful, funny, and moving collection is available to YOU for just four dollars. 

 The poetry and life of Arthur Rimbaud (1854-1891) continue to be seized upon by each new generation who see in him a purer version of what they are setting out to achieve through their rebellion. He’s been praised as the original beatnik, the original hippie, the original punk, the original slacker, etc. When I was a teenager, artists such as Patti Smith and Richard Hell championed his work and used him as a model for their own work and image. A well-worn copy of the New Directions edition of Season In Hell/Drunken Boat would be seen alongside Henry Miller, Jean-Paul Sartre, Jack Kerouac, and Mezz Mezzrow on the bookshelf of every aspiring hipster then and now.

However, as always, the real man and the real literary work are far more complex and far less easy-to-label than the romanticized re-invention of later generations. RIMBAUD IN THE CITY is not some romanticized or chronological story of Rimbaud (has anyone seen the 1997 film where Leonardo DiCaprio plays Rimbaud???!!!!!????!!!!)—-it’s a complex series of snapshots of a man as lost in today’s world as he probably was in his own uncomprehending time period.

I consider this 10-poem sequence to be a major work by one of our major poets, and Kendra and I are proud to issue it. Only 70 numbered copies are available, so act now. An Australian poet whose last book was published in Sweden issues a work about a French poet who lived in Africa that is published by a small press in South Texas. Small world, isn’t it?

Congratulations to Glenn on this fine sequence of poems. What a perfect book with which to start the New Year!!!

January 12, 2008

50 most loathsome people in America, 2007

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January 6, 2008

3 forthcoming releases for January 2008

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On or around January 20, 2008, we’ll be putting out two brand-new chapbooks, new works directly commissioned from the authors expressly for KSE. I’ll write more about each when it appears, but for now they are

#83  GLENN W. COOPER, rimbaud in the city: 10 snapshots;

#85  HOSHO McCREESH, 37 psalms from the badlands.

Also, January’s entry in the KSE reissue series is

#35 reprint, BRAD KOHLER / BILL SHUTE, exacta box.

Why not purchase all 3 postpaid for $10 in North America, and they’ll be shipped on or before the 20th of January!

free out-of-print Brad Kohler book with $20 order!!!

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Brad Kohler was kind enough to give me some copies of his long-out-of-print 2002 collection of fiction and poetry, CURSED, POISONED, CONDEMNED (published by Backwash Press) to distribute to KSE customers, and these are available while supplies last with any $20 order, either domestic or overseas. Just request it with your order. I probably have enough to make it through January. This is a hard-hitting collection, and any fan of Doug Draime/Jim Carroll/David Goodis will wonder how you ever lived without it. My horse-racing collaboration with Brad, EXACTA BOX, will be the vintage reprint for January 2008, so in a week or so you’ll have another brief chance to check out that work, one of our most well-received.

KSE hits the ground running in 2008

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Greetings everyone! Hope your holiday season was enjoyable. I spent 9 days back East, including Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York state, and Pennsylvania, with the last 4 days spent in the Pittsburgh area and all over Western PA in the company of KSE poet Brad Kohler. Kendra is also back,  just having won a position on the Texas Music Educators Association All-State Treble Choir, the highest slot available for a competitive vocalist.

So we’re ready to roll for the 2008 Poetry Year! We’re still promoting and selling a number of the November/December 2007 releases—get these before they are gone:

#28 (REPRINT SERIES) BILL SHUTE, stop and you will become aware;


#82, LUIS CUAUHTEMOC BERRIOZABAL, keepers of silence;

#84, BILL SHUTE, pulses of time (creel pone sound study #7);

#79, BILL SHUTE, 44 harmonies (sound library, volume 27);

#78, MICHAEL LAYNE HEATH, sacred grounds;

#76, ZACHARY C. BUSH/BILL SHUTE, intervals (creel pone sound study #6);

#75, K. M. DERSLEY, blue velour;

#69, CHRISTOPHER CUNNINGHAM, next exit: five (down to last 5 copies!!!);

#68, MISTI RAINWATER-LITES, lullabies for jackson; 

#66, ZACHARY C. BUSH/BRAD KOHLER, next exit: four



Remember, $4 for one chapbook, 3 chapbooks for $10,  or 7 chapbooks for $20, in North America postpaid, check payable to Bill Shute (or well-concealed cash) to 8200 Pat Booker Rd. #399, San Antonio, Texas, 78233. Outside of North America, chaps are $5 postpaid—request a paypal invoice by e-mailing me at django5722 (at) yahoo (dot) com if ordering from outside NA.

Those who sent checks while I was gone will have your orders sent out Monday (someone must have reviewed Michael Casey’s THE BOPPER recently, as I had a number of orders for that and it isn’t even on the available list anymore). Europeans who asked for invoices should check their e-mails as I sent those out yesterday. I’ll send your books the next business day after receiving the payment via paypal.

By the way, I am ALWAYS happy to trade with other poets/publishers for poetry chapbooks. Also, if you are interested in reviewing any of the KSE offerings, please e-mail me and let me know about your blog/publication. I would be happy to work with you, also.

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