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January 15, 2008

37 PSALMS FROM THE BADLANDS (KSE #85) now available!

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Poet and visual artist Hosho McCreesh  is a man who has travelled extensively and had a wide variety of life experiences, but his creative work often continues to grow out of his love for his native New Mexico. I’d followed his work for the last few years online, and many of my fellow poets consider him one of their favorite writers, waiting anxiously for each new chapbook or online poem. I first approached Hosho about doing half of a Next Exit volume (NE8, where he is paired with Oklahoma poet Caleb Puckett), which he wrote in about 10 days after my asking him and which was brilliant (as you’ll see in March when it comes out!). He seemed to be on fire poetically in late December, so I made him an offer, which I’m glad he did not refuse!

I was going to be out of state for ten days after Christmas, and I asked Hosho if he’d like to do a solo suite of poems capturing his beloved New Mexico while I was gone. If he had it ready when I arrived back in early January, I’d put it out as a January release, literally TWO WEEKS after it was written. He was up to the challenge, and 37 PSALMS FROM THE BADLANDS was ready when I returned. It’s now available as our second release of 2008 (along with Glenn W. Cooper’s RIMBAUD IN THE CITY: 10 SNAPSHOTS).

37 PSALMS mixes history, geography, culture, flora and fauna, politics, work, and much more to create a living, breathing, vibrant New Mexico on the page and in the mind. It’s a poetic mosaic—-each piece beautiful and potent in itself, but combining together to create a complex whole that resonates and changes with each reading. And all this in 8 pages!!!

An exciting NEW work from an exciting poet, written within the last month! All of Mr. McCreesh’s earlier chapbooks are out of print, and this one has already been selling fast (in fact, just today, someone wanted to buy SEVEN copies of it—-I had to remind her that we only sell one copy of each book per person and do not do wholesale), so act now or forever regret that you missed one of the few books of this or any year that may remind you of both Gary Snyder AND Sergio Leone, but really it’s 100% McCreesh, as he is a total original.

Why not use our 3 for $10 special for the three January releases?



Brad Kohler / Bill Shute, EXACTA BOX (reprint of out-of-print 2006 horseracing poetry collaboration).

Check or well-concealed cash payable to Bill Shute, 8200 Pat Booker Rd. #399, San Antonio, Texas 78233.

Outside North America, books are $5 each postpaid. Write and request a paypal invoice. Many thanks for everyone’s support! We’ve got some exciting new releases scheduled for February (including the all-England edition of Next Exit: Six, featuring K.M. Dersley and Adrian Manning….AND the reprint of DREAM SCENE, my poetic tribute to George Harrison’s WONDERWALL MUSIC), but let’s sell these January ones first!

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