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February 4, 2008

fastest-selling KSE poetry chapbooks

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Hosho McCreesh’s new 37 PSALMS FROM THE BADLANDS has been selling quite well, and when I’ve mentioned that to a few people, they asked, “what are your fastest sellers?” Probably the following…

the quickest selling of all was

KSE #37,  BYRON COLEY/DAVID KEENAN/BILL SHUTE, “Voluntary Quicksand (Remembering Richard Brautigan)”

after that, I’d say the following were close behind:

KSE #52, DOUG DRAIME, “Eyestone”


KSE #29, STUART CRUTCHFIELD/BILL SHUTE “Stream (Salmon and Blood)”


KSE #36, BILL SHUTE, “Come on, React!”

In terms of being a steady seller, MICHAEL CASEY’S “The Bopper” (KSE #54) continues to bring in orders each month as his fans discover that it exists, and MISTI RAINWATER-LITES’s two KSE chapbooks (“Lullabies for Jackson” and “Next Exit: Three”) are long-term favorites as people find Misti via her internet presence, fall in love with her work, and wonder “where has this amazing writer been all my life?”.

Every one of our chapbooks has its audience out there somewhere. Of the 85+ chaps we’ve issued so far, for each one, I’ve heard from SOMEONE who says that that one is his or her favorite. Having a diverse catalog is important, and we’ll try to keep that happening.


Also, for you trainspotters out there, two KSE chapbooks were assigned numbers, but never actually issued. They are

KSE #51, BILL SHUTE, “Cactus Barrier” (cinema poetry series #2)–I still plan to finish that someday!

KSE #44, DAVID KEENAN/BILL SHUTE, “Within Hod, Within”–this was going to be a collaboration between Scottish poet DK and yours truly, and we both did a lot of work on it, but David was busy with many many other projects both literary and musical and business-related, and I’d already moved on to other things, so we mutually agreed to drop it. David’s working on a novel presently, which I’m sure will blow everyone away when it’s finished.

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