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February 9, 2008

NEXT EXIT: SIX, the all-England edition (KSE #80) now available

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The latest installment in our NEXT EXIT series—-collections of poems by pairs of poets writing about the specifics of place—-is now available, and it’s an all-England edition. NEXT EXIT: SIX features two distinctive and distinguished English poets, K. M. Dersley (who has done two solo chapbooks for KSE, RETROSPECTIVE FORECASTS and BLUE VELOUR) and Adrian Manning (author of one of my favorite poetry chapbooks of the last  year, REPEATING THE MANTRA—–Adrian is also working on a solo chap for KSE which should appear later in 2008).










To an American, these names are as rich with imagery and associations in our imaginations as town names such as Ponca City, Oklahoma; White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia; or Fort Stockton, Texas must be to Europeans. As the NEXT EXIT poets such as Doug Draime, Misti Rainwater-Lites, Christopher Cunningham, and Brad Kohler have illuminated the real America underneath the surface of various towns, so K.M. Dersley and Adrian Manning provide us with the tastes, the textures, the sounds, and the silences of the East Midlands and East of England through their verse—-the churches and harbours and coldwater flats and wool hats and knitters cottages and mills and pubs and life as it is lived today in the Britain of 2008. The syntax, the vocabulary, the rhythm, the wit, all are uniquely English in these fine new poems,

written over the last few months specifically for this project. My interest in British music of the 1960s got me interested originally in the different regions of the UK—-after all, places such as Newcastle, Hull, Liverpool, Manchester, Bristol, and Croydon are as different as Memphis, Minneapolis, Tulsa, San Diego, and Long Island! Knowing about each area helped me to appreciate both the music and the culture that produced it.

To keep the NEXT EXIT series a solely American series seemed arbitrary to me. The whole point of the series is that there is a rich and complex and fascinating history and culture and lifestyle WHEREVER YOU ARE.


And this trip to the UK costs only $4, which would hardly get you a cup of tea in today’s England with the dollar virtually worthless next to the Pound! Why not pick up our two other new February releases as part of the 3-for-$10 (within North America) deal: NEXT EXIT: SIX, plus Doug Draime’s mind-blowing LAST MAY (1968), and my own frost-bitten Pittsburgh sequence SLASH & BURN. Check made payable to William Shute (or well-concealed cash) sent to Bill Shute, 8141-B  Pat Booker Rd. #399, San Antonio, Texas, 78233. Outside North America, books are $5 each postpaid. Write and request a paypal invoice if outside of the US.


NEXT EXIT:EIGHT will be our next release in the series (SEVEN will be on-hold awhile) and features the American Southwest, with Caleb Puckett coming at you from Oklahoma and Hosho McCreesh representing New Mexico. That will come out on or around March 20.


Thanks as always for your interest and support!



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