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February 17, 2008

3600+ visitors to KSE blog!

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WOW! As of today, we’ve had over 3600 visitors to the Kendra Steiner Editions blog!

While some of that traffic comes from people typing in the web address from the back of books and some comes from people doing google searches of “Kendra Steiner” or one of our authors, many of our visitors come via links from our friends’ websites/blogs, such as Orange Alert, Christopher Cunningham, Misti Rainwater-Lites, and Zachary C. Bush. Other visitors come via the blog address being listed whenever new poems appear online from Doug Draime or when Doug’s work is reviewed. In any event, I hear every few days from people who have stumbled upon the blog and continue to check it out every few weeks. People’s time is valuable and they could be reading The Defamer or Perez Hilton instead of the KSE blog, so thanks!!!

The blog has also become the major outlet for selling the books. In 2006, I relied on bookstore placements and on appearances at bookfairs and readings. In 2007, I still relied on personal appearances (I would usually give two FREE chapbooks to anyone who purchased a copy of POINT LOMA PURPLE for $10 at a reading/signing/bookfair) and a handful of distributors, but by Fall 2007, most sales came through the blog, and when KSE became listed with Paypal, we began getting significant overseas direct-ordering. Now, some of our most reliable customers, people who buy virtually everything!, are Europeans. Although our goals are modest (50-75 copy editions of most books), we are getting our little books out there to readers and fellow poets and bloggers/reviewers, and managing both to stay free of the daisy-chain poetry cliques and to not have to kiss anyone’s ass.

We may slow down a bit in 2008 in terms of the number of books that come out each month, but we’ll still have at least one major release of BRAND NEW WORK from a great poet each month, and also the occasional works from yours truly, reprints of long out-of-print chaps, etc. We’ve just added two of my favorite working American poets to our roster (one from SF Bay Area, one from Pennsylvania—-I’ll be making the announcements about them soon—-one will have a release in May, the other in the Summer…I hope!), and I’m in the process of negotiating with two more UK poets who would join the mix later in 2008. And that’s not even mentioning the solo chap coming from Adrian Manning in a few months, the Hosho McCreesh/Caleb Puckett NEXT EXIT: EIGHT that will come out in March (I’ve just finished editing/formatting that text and will e-mail the proofs to the poets this afternoon), and the volume of Oregon-based poems from Doug Draime we’re working on presently.

So stay tuned. We offer quality poetry  that you can’t get anywhere else  in an attractive but modest package at a low price. I certainly champion the work we do at KSE, but I also love the work put out by Scintillating Publications, Bottle of Smoke, Burning Deck, Green Integer, Effing Press, The Chuckwagon, Kamini Press, Zeitgeist, Longhouse (their beautiful “accordion-fold” booklets are beyond compare!), Concrete Meat, Erbacce, and many others. Each has its own distinctive vision, and each has made the world a better place by taking that vision and imagining it into reality, leaving a legacy of stimulating poetry books that will be still finding audiences and changing lives and inspiring readers long after you and I are gone. I recently calculated, after someone asked me and I couldn’t come up w/ an answer, that with all the copies printed of the 85 chapbooks KSE has issued so far, we have distributed OVER 5000 chapbooks since March 2006, when KSE #1, FOUR TEXAS STREAMS, was issued and sold locally in the San Antonio area and through Volcanic Tongue in Glasgow, Scotland. 5000 chapbooks out there in the hands of readers. All typed and edited and formatted and printed on this cheap Dell computer.  All cut and assembled and packaged on my dining room table. All proofread and double-checked and critiqued by Kendra and by my wonderful wife, Mary Anne, before release.

The message here is, if I can do this, YOU CAN TOO. I thought “there ought to be a small press that does so-and-so in such-and-such a manner.” And since there wasn’t one, I did it myself.  YOU CAN TOO… And you should! Remember the words of Fluxus pioneer George Maciunas, “Anything can be art and anyone can do it.”

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