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March 9, 2008

VISITATION (KSE #90) by MK CHAVEZ now available

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After some last-minute tweaking of the text and a change to the covers, MK Chavez and I have got VISITATION ready to go now, and the first copies are coming off my printer as I write this. I’ll do a separate post later about this chapbook and MK Chavez’s work, but you can order VISITATION and the other two March releases—-NEXT EXIT: EIGHT and LUNA AMERICANA—-now, all three for $10 postpaid in North America.

This eight-part suite of poems is spare and haunting—-the 14-point Lucida typeface and the cover images help create a disquieting feeling, and in addition MK has the poem flowing from the right-hand margin of the page, forcing the reader to adapt his/her way of reading. We feel the same discomfort as the poem’s speaker. Limited to 77 copies, VISITATION is one of KSE’s best-ever releases. Thanks to Ms. Chavez for entrusting this work—-which would have been welcomed at much larger and more established poetry publishers—-to San Antonio’s Kendra Steiner Editions! Act now…

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