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April 2, 2008

April 2008 new releases

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Two new releases and a vintage reprint coming this month:

KSE #94,  DOUG DRAIME, “Love & Blues In Oregon”

11 previously unpublished gems from Doug’s archives, both new and old, set in his adopted home state of Oregon.


KSE #92, BILL SHUTE, “Shore Access” (Sound Library Series, volume 31)

New suite of poems set in Marble Falls, Texas, dealing with three employees at a lakefront restaurant…and the hierarchies of small-town life. Dedicated to my fellow food-service workers!



Acclaimed 2006 meditations on rural Western Scotland inspired by the American poet Lew Welch. From Glasgow poet/philosopher Stuart Crutchfield (now resident in Australia, where it’s already tomorrow—hey, Stu!!!) who has published eight chapbooks through KSE (4 solo, 4 collaborations) and two others elsewhere. All ten are highly recommended if you can find them. SHACK SIMPLE sold out in a few weeks in 2006. Don’t miss it this time around.


These will be available by April 20, if not sooner. Check the blog for details.

Jim D. Deuchars’s exciting May chapbook, “Pieces of Eight,” is now finished, and it is a monster! Jim is one of the most original poets working today, he’s got a razor-sharp wit and brings great intelligence and craft to his work. Jim has a mid-May reading scheduled in Wisconsin, so we’ll be putting the book out in early May (instead of the 20th) so Jim can promote/sell the book at his reading.

And Adrian Manning’s mind-blowing, Sonic Youth-inspired suite of poems, “Wide Asleep, Fast Awake,” is also finished and scheduled for June.

And the final three NEXT EXIT volumes will be coming out as the year progresses.

And Michael Layne Heath will be back for a second KSE chapbook this fall, following on the heels of his stellar “Sacred Grounds” chapbook (less than a half dozen of those left, by the way).

And I’m making plans for a year-long, multi-poet project for 2009.

Finally, if you live in an area where Guerilla Poetics Project operatives leave broadsides in books, do look for the powerful new pieces by Christopher Cunningham (“the wounded trees are still dying”) and Glenn W. Cooper (“New Toy”). Really substantial works from each poet in under 25 lean lines each. Less is definitely more in the hands of these two gentlemen. OR read them at the GPP website:

Stay tuned.

As always, best wishes and positive vibrations from South Texas.

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