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April 8, 2008

poem: Kerrville, Texas (from NEXT EXIT: TWO)

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My forthcoming chapbook SHORE ACCESS takes place at an upscale restaurant in the Texas Hill Country, which reminded me that one of my pieces in NEXT EXIT: TWO had a similar setting. Since that book is out of print, I thought I’d make this 2007 poem available online. Hope you enjoy it…and will want a copy of SHORE ACCESS when it’s ready in late April:



   Mia serves    (with

        a  smile         and

              remembering  whose  daughter

                     is  in  Girl Scouts

                              and  whose son  is a

                                     junior at  Texas Tech)


          trout  almondine    to doctors        and bankers

                and  realtors   at   this       chic   and   shimmering

                       bistro      perched

                                      on     the   eastern   bank

                                               of   the   Guadalupe


          oversized   ice-water  goblets  sparkling

                       as  is the bloodless  smooth-jazz

                                  (loud enough to be sensed,

                                   soft enough to not intrude)

                           weaving itself  into       the   texture

                      of   the  dining  experience



             some ask      about her daughters,

                  some flirt,             some  tip

                                                twenty-five percent,


                  some  grin   and nod       and acknowledge

                    her     at the grocery store

                       or    at  Blockbuster Video



            but  she   never  allows      herself

                   to forget         that  her children

                          may  never  play with             or  marry



                   and  beyond that,      

                                                 she prays


                                                  that she’ll never      be


                                                          found      out


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