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April 9, 2008

5000+ visitors to KSE blog!

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This blog crossed the 5000 visitor mark last night. Thanks to all for visiting!

Doug Draime’s new selection of Oregon-based poems, LOVE & BLUES IN OREGON (KSE #94), is now available. In addition, the reprint of Stuart Crutchfield’s SHACK SIMPLE is out too. And MK Chavez’s awesome VISITATION is flying out of here. Those 3 would be a great combination for our 3-for-$10 deal!

Jim D. Deuchars’s PIECES OF EIGHT, the May release, will be out by May 1st as Jim needs copies for a reading in early May, so check the “available KSE chapbooks” listing to see when PIECES becomes available.

I’m very excited to announce that two fine NY-state poets have joined the KSE roster: John Sweet, who’ll be doing Next Exit: Nine with MK Chavez; and Ronald Baatz, who’ll be doing Next Exit: Seven with Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal.

And… both Michael Layne Heath and Christopher Cunningham will be doing all-new suites of poems for solo chapbooks later in 2008.

If you’ve wanted any of the chapbooks presently in-print, you should act now. About a dozen of them are down to the last few copies, so there will be a wholesale deletion of titles within a month, I’m sure. Four  of the Next Exit titles are already out of print, so it’s no longer possible to collect a complete set. And while the individual poets will surely be using their individual NE poems in other publications or posting them on the internet (as I did with two of mine from NE2), these works will never be reprinted in this format or combined into a book (although I’ve had offers for the latter, which I politely declined).

To publish and distribute NEW poetry monthly by working poets, and then getting these works into readers’ hands literally WEEKS after their composition, is exciting. Thanks to our customers/readers/reviewers for their support.


April 8, 2008

poem: Marion, Texas (from NEXT EXIT: TWO)

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Here’s another Texas-set poem of mine from NEXT EXIT: TWO. Hope you enjoy it.



   a   train       whistle

         deep   ,       textured   ,       prolonged           


     spreading  and  melting        across

        the  West  Side  of  Marion

            like  cheap  yellow  oleomargarine

                 on  burned  day-old  bread


                            calling    me    out    

                                             of  my  stupor


        town full of metal

             buildings   once  thought

                        temporary   (different  colors  of  paint

                                     having  faded   into  a dull   sameness)     ,   

                                but    lacking

                                    any  initiative  to  move

                                                                                   once   settled


                  porn rentals  (steeped with the flavor

                              of  yesterday’s  fried chicken)  

                                         under          the  convenience store  counter,


                  high school pregnancies      under                       the radar,   

                                  major-brand  beer               purchased in 24-packs


      the ruling class                            won’t even live here ,

                 supervising  their  properties

                        and  investments         ,         their tenants and

                               managers  and  go-fers     ,    from

                                         the  comfort  of  air-conditioned

                                                   San  Antonio  suburbs


           while  we  bake   in   our  mobile homes

                         and  labor in our metal workplace-furnaces


           crusts  hardening  and  thickening

                      until we become ash          to   be     scattered

                                                     to   be       liberated

                                                                 by  some  future    wind

                                                                                     from  the  East


poem: Kerrville, Texas (from NEXT EXIT: TWO)

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My forthcoming chapbook SHORE ACCESS takes place at an upscale restaurant in the Texas Hill Country, which reminded me that one of my pieces in NEXT EXIT: TWO had a similar setting. Since that book is out of print, I thought I’d make this 2007 poem available online. Hope you enjoy it…and will want a copy of SHORE ACCESS when it’s ready in late April:



   Mia serves    (with

        a  smile         and

              remembering  whose  daughter

                     is  in  Girl Scouts

                              and  whose son  is a

                                     junior at  Texas Tech)


          trout  almondine    to doctors        and bankers

                and  realtors   at   this       chic   and   shimmering

                       bistro      perched

                                      on     the   eastern   bank

                                               of   the   Guadalupe


          oversized   ice-water  goblets  sparkling

                       as  is the bloodless  smooth-jazz

                                  (loud enough to be sensed,

                                   soft enough to not intrude)

                           weaving itself  into       the   texture

                      of   the  dining  experience



             some ask      about her daughters,

                  some flirt,             some  tip

                                                twenty-five percent,


                  some  grin   and nod       and acknowledge

                    her     at the grocery store

                       or    at  Blockbuster Video



            but  she   never  allows      herself

                   to forget         that  her children

                          may  never  play with             or  marry



                   and  beyond that,      

                                                 she prays


                                                  that she’ll never      be


                                                          found      out


remaining NEXT EXIT volumes

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There are three remaining NEXT EXIT volumes in our series of ten. Here’s the tentative schedule:

JULY 2008 ,   NEXT EXIT: SEVEN, by Ronald Baatz and Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal;

SEPTEMBER 2008 ,   NEXT EXIT: NINE, by MK Chavez and John Sweet;

DECEMBER 2008 ,   NEXT EXIT: TEN, by Misti Rainwater-Lites.

Misti’s solo volume will close the series. If you need a reminder, here are the volumes issued so far:

#1, doug draime/bill shute (OUT OF PRINT)
#2, thomas michael mcdade/bill shute (OUT OF PRINT)
#3, doug draime/misti rainwater-lites (fewer than 10 left as of 4/7/08 )
#4, zachary c. bush/brad kohler (OUT OF PRINT)
#5, christopher cunningham (solo) (OUT OF PRINT)
#6, k.m. dersley/adrian manning (fewer than 10 left as of 4/7/08 )
#8, hosho mccreesh/caleb puckett (fewer than 20 left as of 4/7/08 ).

KSE upcoming releases for April-October 2008

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20 April 2008,  DOUG DRAIME, “Love & Blues in Oregon”


20 May 2008,  JIM D. DEUCHARS, “Pieces of Eight”


20 June 2008,  ADRIAN MANNING, “Wide Asleep, Fast Awake”




20 August 2008, CHRISTOPHER CUNNINGHAM, as-yet-untitled new suite of poems


20 September 2008, MK CHAVEZ/JOHN SWEET, “Next Exit: Nine”


20 October 2008, MICHAEL LAYNE HEATH, as-yet-untitled new suite of poems


new Hosho McCreesh interview

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Check out this new interview with Hosho McCreesh at Paula Cary’s POET HOUND. Hosho discusses the creation of his KSE chapbook 37 PSALMS FROM THE BADLANDS, his aesthetic as a poet and artist, his native New Mexico, and his life experiences. You really get a sense of the man and his work from this piece:

(note: alas, I can’t provide autographed copies of KSE chapbooks (unless you would want me to sign something of mine) as suggested at the end of this interview, since I am located in San Antonio and the authors are NOT)

April 2, 2008

April 2008 new releases

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Two new releases and a vintage reprint coming this month:

KSE #94,  DOUG DRAIME, “Love & Blues In Oregon”

11 previously unpublished gems from Doug’s archives, both new and old, set in his adopted home state of Oregon.


KSE #92, BILL SHUTE, “Shore Access” (Sound Library Series, volume 31)

New suite of poems set in Marble Falls, Texas, dealing with three employees at a lakefront restaurant…and the hierarchies of small-town life. Dedicated to my fellow food-service workers!



Acclaimed 2006 meditations on rural Western Scotland inspired by the American poet Lew Welch. From Glasgow poet/philosopher Stuart Crutchfield (now resident in Australia, where it’s already tomorrow—hey, Stu!!!) who has published eight chapbooks through KSE (4 solo, 4 collaborations) and two others elsewhere. All ten are highly recommended if you can find them. SHACK SIMPLE sold out in a few weeks in 2006. Don’t miss it this time around.


These will be available by April 20, if not sooner. Check the blog for details.

Jim D. Deuchars’s exciting May chapbook, “Pieces of Eight,” is now finished, and it is a monster! Jim is one of the most original poets working today, he’s got a razor-sharp wit and brings great intelligence and craft to his work. Jim has a mid-May reading scheduled in Wisconsin, so we’ll be putting the book out in early May (instead of the 20th) so Jim can promote/sell the book at his reading.

And Adrian Manning’s mind-blowing, Sonic Youth-inspired suite of poems, “Wide Asleep, Fast Awake,” is also finished and scheduled for June.

And the final three NEXT EXIT volumes will be coming out as the year progresses.

And Michael Layne Heath will be back for a second KSE chapbook this fall, following on the heels of his stellar “Sacred Grounds” chapbook (less than a half dozen of those left, by the way).

And I’m making plans for a year-long, multi-poet project for 2009.

Finally, if you live in an area where Guerilla Poetics Project operatives leave broadsides in books, do look for the powerful new pieces by Christopher Cunningham (“the wounded trees are still dying”) and Glenn W. Cooper (“New Toy”). Really substantial works from each poet in under 25 lean lines each. Less is definitely more in the hands of these two gentlemen. OR read them at the GPP website:

Stay tuned.

As always, best wishes and positive vibrations from South Texas.

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