Kendra Steiner Editions (Bill Shute)

May 13, 2008

reprint of KSE #12, SONNETS FOR BILL DOGGETT, now available

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Just got back from some time spent in Denton, Texas, and KSE is back up and running again.

This month’s reprint is KSE #12, my chap SONNETS FOR BILL DOGGETT, a sequence of six blank verse Petrarchan sonnets written during a visit to New England and the Northeast in May and early June of 2006. While Volcanic Tongue stocked this for a while, most copies were sold at the San Antonio College Bookfair and at my readings for TWELVE GATES TO THE CITY during the summer of 2006, so I doubt if many of you have seen or heard of this one. I still do a few of these at readings, and I think you’ll enjoy these six poems: a young man sits in a seedy lounge waiting for a mob hit; a single mom walks home from work through the snow to share of bowl of steaming clam chowder with her daughter; a selfless nun helps Brazilian immigrant workers in Brockton, Massachusetts; yours truly contemplates the Super 8 Motel and Rt. 53 in South Weymouth, Massachusetts, with a painting crew on a rainy day before a Red Sox game; a woman tries online dating six times and then throws in the towel; and, someone experiences a nightmare and either does or does not wake up from it—-you decide! Only 18 copies of this reprint are available, and I had a few orders come in late April before it was even available, so order now.

On some level, I feel that KSE (and yours truly) is to poetry what the late great Bill Doggett was to music. Listening to the many KING-label albums of this soul-jazz keyboard master, I found myself in a seedy New Jersey lounge (where the first poem is set) in a maroon Naugahyde booth, and the rest of the poems flowed from that seed of inspiration. Check out the Verve-label reissue a few years back of WOW!, an album originally released on ABC-Paramount circa 1964-65—-it’s been deleted, but many cheap copies can be found at the Amazon Marketplace (and I get no kickback from this link):


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