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May 27, 2008


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Beauty is everywhere, if we take off our blinders, and change perspective, and see what is around us as if it is new, and we do not label it and we do not compare it to the known and we do not put it into a convenient compartment. Poetry, as an artform, can help us see the beauty and the depths of meaning in what is around us, what we might walk past without noticing, what we might take for granted.

I suppose the ultimate goal of the poet might be to lead us to the point where all readers can have THE POET’S EYE themselves, and art becomes unnecessary. However, before we reach that goal, there are certainly so many artworks that are things of beauty themselves. A broken-hearted trumpet solo from Chet Baker; a vision of the New Mexico desert from Georgia O’Keeffe; or any one of the poems included in Aleathia Drehmer’s new chapbook, THICKETS OF MAYAPPLE: LETTERS FROM EDWARD (KSE #99). Not only does Ms. Drehmer—-who, I might add, is also a fine photographer with an amazing eye for detail and perspective—-find the beautiful in every scene she depicts, whether it be a rainstorm, or a parent and child resting together near a creek, or a Spring wind, but her writing itself is so evocative, so musical, so richly sketched, so full of unexpected sense impressions, so textured. The beauty of the content and of the artifact mirror each other, and the result is a chapbook that I cannot live without.

A little backstory about this collection is in order. A few months ago, I approached Aleathia about taking a month for our KSE POETRY YEAR 2009 project. She graciously agreed, chose May as her month, and began work on her collection. By mid-May of 2008 (a year in advance!), she finished her Poetry Year 2009 chapbook and sent it to me. I was so taken by it that I did not want to sit on it for a year–it needed to come out NOW. So I offered Aleathia another month in 2009 (she chose November), and we agreed to issue Thickets of MAYapple (get it?) right now, as a kind of preview or teaser for the Poetry Year series that will be coming out in 2009. The passion and seriousness and craft that Aleathia brings to her poetry is no surprise to the many who have enjoyed her work online and in anthologies and periodicals, and let’s not forget that she is also a much-respected editor and champion-for-poetry.

THICKETS OF MAYAPPLE: LETTERS FOR EDWARD is a change-of-pace for KSE, but we try to stay unpredictable here, and I’m proud to offer this beautiful collection. I have read it aloud to friends and family members, savoring its musicality, and Aleathia will be reading it next week at the Connecticut Beat Poetry Festival. Check her out if you are within driving distance of Connecticut! Also, don’t miss another fine KSE poet there, Jim D. Deuchars, who will be reading from and selling his recent chapbook PIECES OF EIGHT (KSE #95).

Only $4 postpaid in the USA—check payable to Bill Shute, 8141-B Pat Booker Rd. #399, San Antonio, Texas, 78233. Or get any three of our chapbooks for $10 postpaid in the USA–check the “available KSE chapbooks” page to your right to see our many recent offerings.

Thanks to Aleathia for sharing this beautiful work with us, and thanks to YOU all for your attention and support!

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