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May 31, 2008

end of May 2008 notes

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I’m recovering from surgery and will be out of action for a few more days, but Kendra will take care of most orders rec’d recently and get them out Monday. I should be able to get the overseas orders and JH’s large order out myself on Tuesday.

We’ve got a lot of fine recent releases available, including our 100th chapbook NEXT EXIT: SEVEN. Check them out:


#99,  ALEATHIA DREHMER, thickets of mayapple: letters for edward; *NEW !!!*

#98, ADRIAN MANNING, wide asleep, fast awake (sound library series, volume 33);

#97,  STUART CRUTCHFIELD, ozzified; *NEW!!!*

#96, JIM D. DEUCHARS, pieces of eight;

#95,  BILL SHUTE, quartet: improvisations on the mandukya upanishad;  *NEW !!!*

#94, DOUG DRAIME, love & blues in oregon;

In addition, my three sound library volumes

#93, BILL SHUTE, transparency (sound library series, volume 32);

#92, BILL SHUTE, shore access (sound library series, volume 31);

#91, BILL SHUTE, afterglow (sound library series, volume 30);

are almost gone, and a number of the other chaps such as MK Chavez’s VISITATION and Next Exit: Eight and all the other ones with numbers in the 80’s are almost gone. Act now. Our earlier volumes are already going for $10 and up on the collector’s market. Why pay some scavenger too much LATER when you can get them for $4 each postpaid now?

I’ll be working on a few exciting collaborative pieces this summer after I finish my present project FACE TO FACE (sound library series, volume 34). One will be with my longtime collaborator Stuart Crutchfield (who is settled back in Scotland now), and the other will be with Zachary C. Bush (who did Next Exit: Four with Brad Kohler, and who did an earlier collab with me, INTERVALS (Creel Pone Sound Study #6) ). ZCB is coming back into the KSE fold after moving to NYC and pursuing graduate work full time. It’s great to have these two gentlemen back. Both collabs will be entries in the Creel Pone Sound Study series, volumes 9 and 10, and we will end that series at 10 volumes, the way we did with Next Exit.

And through the rest of 2008 we’ll have at least one if not two new chapbooks a month, leading up to the KSE POETRY YEAR 2009 Project, beginning in January. Keep checking the blog, and thanks for your support (and also for the birthday wishes).

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