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July 1, 2008

Bobby Jameson’s “All I Want Is My Baby”—-London 1964, w/ Jagger & Oldham

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If you haven’t been reading Bobby Jameson’s chronicle of his rock’n’roll life (look for “Bobby Jameson” among the links to the right), you’re missing one of the most fascinating windows into the sixties and into American culture and into a fertile creative mind. Jameson—-perhaps best known for his amazing COLOR HIM IN album on Verve and his SONGS OF PROTEST AND ANTI-PROTEST (released under the name “Chris Lucey”) album on Surrey (note: these albums have been reissued on Fallout and Rev-Ola, respectively), as well as for his starring role in the legendary film MONDO HOLLYWOOD—-has been providing much free music on his blog besides telling his story, and he just posted a record of his that I’ve ALWAYS wanted to hear but have never seen a copy of in 40 years…his 1964 UK single “All I Want Is My Baby,” produced by Andrew Loog Oldham, composed by Oldham and Keith Richards, and featuring Mick Jagger on backing vocals. It appeared briefly on a Japanese reissue of Rolling Stones-related obscurities, recorded back during the period when Andrew Oldham started doing multiple productions for lesser-known artists while trying to “work” the compositions of Jagger and Richards. Mr. Jameson does not particularly like this record (read his blog for the fascinating story behind it, along with his trip to the UK to record it and to work with Oldham), and it certainly does not sound like anything else in his catalog!, but it still holds up today as a quirky piece of pop-rock that somehow echoes Phil Spector and Joe Meek and the Brill Building, it has an appealing roughness to it, and Jameson’s vocal is raw and cuts through the doo-wop-ish backing vocals (ever heard Jagger’s version of “Da Doo Ron Ron” recorded with the Andrew Oldham Orchestra? I’m reminded of that). It’s a real obscurity and a significant record in Jameson’s career—and a treat for Stones fans—and since hardly anyone has probably heard this, I’m making the link available here. Enjoy! And please check out Bobby Jameson’s fine blog. It’s far more interesting and outrageous than any fiction could be!

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  1. wow! that blog’s simply incredible… thank you Bill!

    Comment by A.J. Kaufmann — July 2, 2008 @ 2:32 am | Reply

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