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September 10, 2008

KSE mentioned on Ron Silliman’s blog

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Was I suprised when I saw a link to the KSE blog (specifically, my post about why I don’t enjoy blogging) on Ron Silliman’s poetry blog ( —-the 9/9/2008 entry, scroll down for a while below the pic of Robin Blaser), perhaps the most distinguished American blog dealing with contemporary poetry and an incredible resource for daily links to articles on all things poetic. Was it a slow news day in the academic poetry world? In any event, thanks to Mr. Silliman and welcome to any of his readers who are visiting this blog. We are a small D.I.Y. poetry publisher and have issued 110 chapbooks in three years. We do not feature academic poetry, nor do we champion what RS might call “the new Brutalists” or the “school of quietude.” We offer a different way. When Paul Blackburn or Diane Wakoski or Stuart Z. Perkoff or William Wantling or John Wieners were offering their great works to the world (and of course, DW is still offering them!), they were unconcerned about labels and cliques. They wrote, they pioneered, and they did not look back. I’m certainly not claiming that any of us at KSE are great in the manner of those poets, but like them we stay outside the common cliques and schools of verse, and we write and publish a wide variety of new work on a regular basis, oblivious to what’s in or out or selling or being reviewed. San Antonio, KSE’s home base (with a sister office in Scotland), is certainly off the beaten path in terms of trendiness, and we have featured work from all parts of the USA, from England and Scotland and Poland and Australia. We feel that poetry should be a vital part of the contemporary arts community, right alongside music and film and visual arts, and we use that premise as the foundation of everything we do here. Check out the “available KSE poetry chapbooks” page to the right of this post. Try out a few chapbooks—only 3 for $10 ppd. in the US. How can you go wrong?

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