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November 12, 2008

Some random photos

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In case some of you don’t check myspace, here are a few photos relevant to KSE that are posted there:

The area in Pittsburgh that inspired my chapbook SLASH & BURN
Visiting Eleanor Roosevelt’s property in Hyde Park, NY . This locale inspired the reference in THE COMPANIONSHIP OF THE PLUM to the bench on which Eleanor Roosevelt sat (note: this photo was taken while sitting on that bench!).  Hyde Park is probably within an hour from the area where Ronald Baatz lives, and since PLUM was set in that part of New York state, it seemed as though a reference to Hyde Park would be acceptable.
Brad Kohler outside the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, January 2008.

The back porch in San Saba, Texas where I wrote COMPANIONSHIP OF THE PLUM. It was about 100 degrees during this period, but I imagined myself to be in the below-freezing winter of upstate New York where the piece was set rather than in the hot Texas summer where I was.
Bill in another lifetime . My Colorado driver’s license photo circa 1978.
The room in Williamsport, PA that inspired my chapbook STILL
Bill outside the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, January 2008. Warhol has always been and will always be my artistic main-man, and not just in visual arts (although the 113 of 115 KSE chapbook covers that I’ve done are all intended in the spirit of the master). The Warhol aesthetic can be endlessly re-interpreted and re-invented in any art form. While there can only ever be one Andy Warhol, his was an approach that is liberating—-it allows me to free myself from inherited tradition and start with a blank slate.  My poetic aesthetic is simple: 1/3 post-Ted Berrigan, post-Paul Blackburn; 1/3 Warhol; 1/3 Dylan’s “Love and Theft.” There are many other influences, of course, but that’s basically it in terms of the big picture.

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