Kendra Steiner Editions (Bill Shute)

November 30, 2008

KSE #123, WE’LL ALL GET BY…, now available

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On the heels of Leaf-Blowers (KSE #121), which has been getting great response (mentioned/quoted from at Ragged Edge and Orange Alert, among others), comes another KSE Sound Library entry,  KSE #123, BILL SHUTE, ” We’ll All Get By…” (Sound Library Series, Volume 38) .

Not unlike LEAF BLOWERS, it presents a series of slices-of-experience from South Texas Life circa late 2008. Broken pipes that we can’t afford to repair; drinking old stale teas so we don’t have to buy new ones; skipping doses of medication; looking at antiques we can’t afford and creating free vicarious scenarios-in-the-mind based on those antiques; being shut down if we rebel and silenced if we criticize. Elvis has certainly “left the building” for good this time!  WE’LL ALL GET BY has a strong narrative flow, and I’m sure I’ll be delivering this one at readings. Those for whom pieces such as STILL or TEXTURE AND ACCIDENT were too elliptical, or the Creel Pone series chaps (except for SAN ANTONIO GOOD FRIDAY) were too far out,  should be happy with WE’LL ALL GET BY…

The source music for this one is the lesser-known 1969 “Dot”-label album SEE YOUR WAY CLEAR by Buzz Clifford, a beautiful late 60’s poetic song-cycle from the legendary singer/songwriter/guitarist who first emerged as a rock’n’roller during the post-Elvis, pre-Beatles era and who also has an Oklahoma connection, being related to the Shelter Records family and also being a member of the band CARP, featuring the young Gary Busey. I’m surprised SEE YOUR WAY CLEAR has not yet been reissued on Fallout or Rev-Ola, but the majestic closing track was sampled in the song “Milk & Honey” on Beck’s Midnite Vultures album, so at least somebody is still giving it some attention.

Give WE’LL ALL GET BY… some attention. Only 32 numbered, hand-assembled copies available. See the “available KSE poetry chapbooks” page to your right for ordering information.

I’ll be working overtime at my job until the week before Christmas, at which time we’ll roll out the new chapbook from Luis Cuauhtemoc BerriozabalSTILL HUMAN (KSE #118), and a week or so after that, A. J. KAUFMANN‘s  SATORI IN BERLIN (KSE #119), which should be our last release of 2008.

New posts will appear during the first half of December, so stay tuned. Thank for your support and for a great poetic 2008. We hope to do even better for you in 2009.

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