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November 6, 2008

SHANTI, the music

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Want the music that inspired the recent KSE chapbook SHANTI?

November 5, 2008

get a free out-of-print KSE chapbook from Orange Alert Press

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During the month of November, with the purchase of Ben Tanzer’s novel Most Likely You Go Your Way And I’ll Go Mine, the first book from Orange Alert Press (the publishing arm of the What To Wear During An Orange Alert blog), you’ll get a free KSE chapbook of OA’s choosing. A while back I sent OA a few dozen chaps for this promotion, and most were leftover or misplaced copies of older, out-of-print items. So purchase Mr. Tanzer’s fine book and get some out-of-print KSE surprise with it, get free postage, and get OA’s entertaining ORANGE PULP cd featuring writers such as Aleathia Drehmer, Hosho McCreesh, Karl Koweski, and Amanda Oaks, as well as great music. This has to be the best deal around…along with KSE’s 3-for-$10 chapbook offer, of course. Info at:

November 4, 2008

Zachary C. Bush/Bill Shute, “Shanti” (KSE #117) now available!

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KSE #116, ZACHARY C. BUSH / BILL SHUTE, “Shanti” (Creel Pone Sound Study #10)
The 10th and final volume in the Creel Pone Sound Study Series presents a series of joint kaleidoscopic meditations/blowouts on the concept of Shanti (inner peace). Great to welcome back Zachary C. Bush, now working out of Jersey City, NJ, after a period of moving and full-time work and spiritual re-alignment. Our earlier collaborative volume in this series (INTERVALS, Creel Pone #6) was very well-received and sold out in a month. ZCB will return to KSE with a solo chap in early 2009, and his full-length collection AT SWAN DECAPITATION will be appearing soon from VOX Press.

The mind focuses. The real dissolves. The actual emerges. The dialogue begins. The butter melts.

Breakfast is served.

See the “Available KSE Poetry Chapbooks” page to your upper right for ordering information.

SHANTI is the final volume in the Creel Pone sound study series. For the record, here are the other volumes:

#9,  ELECTRONIC MYTH (w/ Stuart Crutchfield);



#6,  INTERVALS (w/ Zachary C. Bush) ;



#3,  FANTASMATA 2007 ;


#1,  PYTHAGORON TWO (w/ Stuart Crutchfield).

It’s been a great run w/ this ten-volume series, spanning two years.  Thanks to all who purchased the Creel Pones and supported and/or wrote about these chapbooks. No other publisher would ever issue anything remotely like these chaps, which is why KSE exists. We found a devoted audience for them, and Volcanic Tongue did a lot to promote and sell the books. In fact, we made a lot of valuable connections/contacts through the series. Special thanks to Stu and to Zachary, each of whom collaborated on two of the Creel Pone series with me. Working as a duo with poets such as those two and A. J. Kaufmann is about the most stimulating experience an artist can have—-the give and take, the spontaneous creation, the ebb and flow, the ability to erase the ego through surrendering the sole “authorship” fetish. It takes a secure and edgy poet to take on such a challenge…Stu and ZCB and AJ are more than up to it. We are trying to catch just a sliver of the brilliance of such collabs as Warhol and Basquiat, or Steve Lacy and Roswell Rudd, or Ted Berrigan and George Schneeman. Wish us luck. If we don’t stretch, we’ll never get anywhere new with our work…

KSE #114, JIM D. DEUCHARS, “Allegheny Rising,” now available!

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Following up on the success of his earlier KSE chapbook, PIECES OF EIGHT, KSE #96 (now out of print), Pittsburgh’s Jim D. Deuchars is back again in a big way with his new chap ALLEGHENY RISING (KSE #114). The history and the harmonies of Western Pennsylvania as channelled through the outrageous and outstanding poetic mind of Jim D.   Imagine Paterson or The Maximus Poems re-written by Groucho Marx and scored by Zappa and Varese, and you’ll be halfway there. ALLEGHENY RISING is the first of a three-volume series that will be appearing in future months/years.  Jim’s on fire!!!

We’re proud to have Jim D. on the KSE team and proud to issue mind-blowing new original works such as ALLEGHENY that were written, literally, a few weeks before their KSE publication. Fresh, new, and exciting original extended suites of poems written expressly for KSE. Only $4 US/$5 elsewhere. Check the “Available KSE poetry chapbooks” page to your upper right for ordering info.

Jim will be reading in New York (?? I think…) in December, and we’ll give the details of that reading when we have them. Why not pick up ALLEGHENY RISING now to prepare for the reading…or, if you can’t make it, get ALLEGHENY to get a taste of what you’re missing.

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