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December 31, 2008

VENETIAN SAGE (KSE #118) available now!

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BILL SHUTE, VENETIAN SAGE  (KSE #118 ), released 1/1/09

As “opening act” to A. J. Kaufmann and Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal among the three new releases, I’ll briefly discuss my own new offering first, then build up to theirs over the next few days.

VENETIAN SAGE (KSE #118 ) is similar in structure and compositional technique to 44 HARMONIES, which I wrote about a year ago, although I’ve got 27 elements this time instead of 44, they are not all in strict 3-line stanzas, and the content is quite different. Experience the beer trucks, used car lots, menthol cigarettes, oil stains, peeling paint, refrigerator magnets, wasted napkins, hungry cats, howling root-canal patients,  lousy Tuesday night tips, and vine-covered fountains of San Antonio. Laugh at the ridiculous antics of pretentious academic poets and loser self-proclaimed “outlaw” poets. Venetian sage? Yes to salvia, no to Ezra Pound! And some wickedly beautiful lines from Edward Field as the epigraph. As the old ads for Miller Lite used to say, “everything you always wanted in a beer…and less!”

Only 29 copies. Act now!

3 new KSE chapbooks for the new year, available NOW!

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Three new releases now available to ring in 2009:


#119,  A. J. KAUFMANN, satori in berlin (x-berg songs) ;

#118,  BILL SHUTE, venetian sage .

I’ll get out an individual post on each one over the next week, but these are available now. $4 each postpaid in the US, or all 3 for 10. Check payable (or cash) to Bill Shute, 8141-B Pat Booker Rd. #399, San Antonio, Texas. Outside the US, $5 each postpaid, payable through Paypal. Write to django5722 (at) yahoo (dot) com and request a paypal invoice.

Have a great New Year’s Eve…see you next year.

December 29, 2008

WE’LL ALL GET BY (KSE #123) featured at Orange Alert

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My recent chapbook WE’LL ALL GET BY (KSE #123) is in the “Orange Spotlight” this week at Orange Alert. Jason has posted a thoughtful piece about WAGB and even went to the effort to research the music (this is a sound library chapbook—it was inspired by a little-known 1969 album by Buzz Clifford) that inspired the poems. Although that’s not necessary for an understanding of the work, it certainly does add another level of insight, as Jason showed in his review.

Thanks to OA for their attention and support and to all of you who have purchased and/or written about KSE poetry chapbooks in 2008. Here’s the link to the review:

WE’LL ALL GET BY is still available, although about 3/4 of them are already gone. Might I suggest that a 3-for-$10 purchase of WAGB, LEAF-BLOWERS, and A GIFT OF STARS for those who are not familiar with my output? They are all strong pieces, but very different from each other. Ordering information is found to your right at the “available KSE poetry chapbooks” page.

Kendra and I will be at the Alamo Bowl tonight, for the 11th time in 13 years. Look for us in the lower part of the nosebleed section on the Missouri (Big 12) side. Game is at 7 pm central time on ESPN—-pregame show,  including some footage of our beautiful and culturally rich city of San Antonio, probably begins a half-hour or an hour before that, depending how long the previous bowl game (the Papa John’s.Com Bowl (!!!!!), Rutgers vs NC State) runs.

Just sent the final edit of STILL HUMAN to Luis for approval, so expect that fine new chap in a few days…then it’s on to A. J. Kaufmann’s SATORI IN BERLIN…

December 25, 2008

new holiday chapbook, MARKING TIME (KSE #125)

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I’m fortunate to have  readers who interact with me and provide feedback/comments on each new piece. Interestingly, about 2/3 of the comments I’ve gotten on A GIFT OF STARS, my collaboration with Michael Jacobson, assumed that that chap was holiday-oriented because of the watching the stars theme and because the three figures Michael used in his drawings could be interpreted as the Three Wise Men. There’s nothing intentionally Christmas/New Years in my text sections of STARS, but hey, I learned long ago not to disagree with anyone’s interpretations, and of course the artist is not always the best judge of his/her own work. 

In any event, after the holiday interpretations started coming in, I felt I should write a REAL holiday-oriented work, so that’s how MARKING TIME took shape. Composed in the post-Thanksgiving period leading up to Christmas, I combined a number of shards of American pre-Christmas detail with an overall downer feel (2008 will probably be remembered as a “downer Christmas”) into a potent (I hope!) cocktail with twists of Stein and Ashbery. Sit in sterile waiting rooms with gingerbread men and giddy elderly couples, talk to the horses congregating on snowy upper-floor apartment balconies, start your day with a rum-laced espresso breakfast, dodge that subpoena from attorneys representing Buddy Holly’s widow, pick that discarded program from A Charles Dickens Christmas out of the trash, and travel the empty Christmas Eve streets of South Texas in this suite of five poems.

$4 postpaid in the US, $5 overseas. Check the “available KSE poetry chapbooks page” for ordering information. I don’t consider this piece as accessible to a wide audience as LEAF-BLOWERS and WE’LL ALL GET BY were, so it’s limited to 29 numbered copies, and I’m sure those will be gone by March, so act now…

Our next three chaps, coming out over the next five-six weeks, are all bold and exciting new works, composed especially for KSE,  from three poets at the top of their game, producing great and diverse works on an almost daily basis:

#122,  LUIS CUAUHTEMOC BERRIOZABAL, still human (due late December)

#119,  A. J. KAUFMANN, satori in berlin (due January 2009)

#120,  JACK HENRY, empty houses (due January 2009) .

Thanks for all of your friendship and support during 2008. Best wishes and positive vibrations from South Texas…

December 24, 2008


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A nice six-piece collection of prose poems and poems from Zachary C. Bush is now available free online from Gold Wake Press. It combines the effortless flow, the kaleidoscopic detail, and the disquieting undertones one associates with Mr. Bush’s best work. Check it out!

December 22, 2008

from Wislawa Szymborska’s 1996 Nobel Prize speech

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“Poets, if they’re genuine, must…keep repeating “I don’t know.” Each poem marks an effort to answer this statement, but as soon as the final period hits the page, the poet begins to hesitate, starts to realize that this particular answer was makeshift, absolutely inadequate. So poets keep on trying, and sooner or later the consecutive results of their self-dissatisfaction are clipped together with a giant paperclip by literary historians and called their oeuvres.”

December 21, 2008

8 More KSE Poetry Chapbooks SOLD OUT

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Eight more Kendra Steiner Editions poetry chapbooks have sold out. Hope you scored your copies while they were available.


#117,  ZACHARY C. BUSH / BILL SHUTE, shanti (creel pone sound study #10 ) ;

#113, A. J. KAUFMANN / BILL SHUTE, beyond the blue rocks: meditations on the Tibetan Book of the Dead  ;

#111, A. J. KAUFMANN, poznan city gospel ;

#110, CHRISTOPHER CUNNINGHAM, in gambler’s blood (sound library series, volume 36);

#107, DOUG DRAIME, bones ;

#106, A. J. KAUFMANN, east-west train (sound library series, volume 35 ) ;

#105, RONALD BAATZ / BILL SHUTE, the companionship of the plum;



However, many other essential chapbooks are still available:

#124, MICHAEL JACOBSON & BILL SHUTE, a gift of stars ;

#123, BILL SHUTE, we’ll all get by… (sound library series, volume 38) ;

#116,  MISTI RAINWATER-LITES, next exit: ten ;

#115,  various artists , “KSE LAST POEMS” collection

#121,  BILL SHUTE, leaf-blowers (sound library series, volume 37 ) ;

#114,  JIM D. DEUCHARS, allegheny rising ;

#112, MK CHAVEZ / JOHN SWEET, next exit: nine ;

#34  STUART CRUTCHFIELD, shack simple (reprint).

$ 4 each postpaid in the US (or 3 different chaps for $10).

Domestic orders send check payable to Bill Shute, 8141-B Pat Booker Rd. #399, San Antonio, Texas, 78233.

Overseas, $5 each postpaid—-write for Paypal invoice to django5722 (at) yahoo (dot) com.

December 16, 2008

Building a Kendra Steiner Editions bibliography

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Those who know me know that I’m always thinking about tomorrow and do not dwell on yesterday, except perhaps to learn what NOT to do in the future based on what I’ve learned from yesterday. I first published something in a local newspaper when I was in high school in Colorado in the 1970’s, and since then I’m sure I’ve had over 500 publications of various sorts, but I rarely save them or do more than toss a copy in a box, which then gets tossed in the garage. When I’ve needed past writings of mine, I’ve usually had to call upon one of my longtime readers or friends to xerox something for me.

In that tradition, I’ve done little to document the history of KSE in its 3 years of operation and its 120+ poetry chapbooks. I’ve kept no ongoing list, and I don’t even have copies of many of the earlier releases. However, I can still remember the creation of each book well and also the circumstances of the production and distribution of each one. So before my premature-Alzheimer’s mind begins to blur all the details together, I’ve decided to start compiling a complete KSE bibliography. To do this I’ll need to enlist the help of KSE readers/collectors, so Steve, David, Jeffrey, and the other devoted readers who have nearly 100 KSE chaps each will no doubt be hearing from me with questions. I did not start numbering chaps until the 30th or so, but the later copies of the earliest I did retroactively number. Other chaps are in non-traditional sizes. One was distributed only in Canada. One was distributed only at a local political event in San Antonio. One was only available briefly as a giveaway from one of our distributors. Some were  distributed mostly at readings in support of my two books from Word Mechanics, Twelve Gates to the City and Point Loma Purple (those who purchased a WM book at a reading would get any two KSE chaps as a free bonus). Some were  sold mostly at book-fair and small-press events where KSE had a table. Some have special printings done expressly for readings or events. Two that I can remember have covers that were changed mid-way through the printing. Some of the most successful ones went into second and third printings. Two books had numbers assigned before they were finished (and were even listed in promo cards at the time), but were never actually released. Some books with “distributed in Europe by Volcanic Tongue” on the back were not actually distributed by VT, and of course many that did not have that written on the back  were distributed by VT. And let’s not forget the black & white reprint series we offered in late 2007 and early 2008 in editions of 18 copies each that sold out quickly. If I were the only one involved, I would say “what the hell…” and just keep producing new work and not worry about any of this, but with over 30 poets (I stopped counting earlier in 2008) part of the KSE stable and more joining all the time, and with our works getting a lot of attention in a lot of places both here and overseas (and, topping it all, getting a permanent link on the Silliman blog!), and with KSE being an important part of OTHERS’ publication histories and writing lives, I’m taking the plunge. The KSE bibliography will be a work in progress and will probably be listed as a “page” on the right side of the blog. Please check it from time to time in future months/years. I’ve also had offers from other presses to republish some earlier work, and this bibliography will make it easier for anyone in the future to make a request about that.

KSE issued its first chapbook in March 2006, FOUR TEXAS STREAMS. Last week we issued #124, A GIFT OF STARS. Yes, it’s been a long strange trip, but it’s a trip that’s ongoing. And you can get on the bus anytime by picking up some of most recent releases (see AVAILABLE KSE POETRY CHAPBOOKS page to your upper right) and then getting into the KSE habit. There is no other press like KSE and no other press that issues work like what we issue. And on top of the content, each book is hand-made, hand-numbered, an artifact issued in a mylar sleeve to keep it in fine shape for future reading. Each is a small but high-specific-gravity morsel meant to be savored.

Thanks to everyone for your support over these three years. We’ve had almost 13,000 visitors to the blog, and we’ve distributed OVER 6000 poetry chapbooks that are now in readers’ hands. All from a cheap $129 Dell printer, but animated by a vision and by a consistent aesthetic.

2008 was a good year for KSE, all things considered, but we hope for 2009 to be a better year, and Kendra, Mary Anne, and I wish you all a satisfying and productive 2009. It’s always been about appreciating what you have and what you are, and about seeing the beauty and the poetry in your own little postage stamp of soil. With so many out of work, underemployed, broke, unable to afford medical care or medicine, living with extended family, or homeless, we’re forced to re-evaluate our priorities, to dissolve our various forms of attachment, to erase the ego, and to re-connect with what truly matters, however we choose to define what truly matters. Art provides us with a tangible and permanent way to document that struggle for meaning and to create works that can evoke in others the textures/sensations/insights/flashes of recognition we’ve experienced along the way. That’s what KSE is all about

December 10, 2008

“A Gift of Stars” (KSE #124) now available!

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“Look to the skies for the signs of things to come, ” they say.

And that’s what Michael Jacobson and I have done in our new collaborative chapbook, A GIFT OF STARS (KSE #124).

A Warhol-esque eight-pointed star radiates from the center of this nine-page creation onto eight different visions of image and word and symbol. Michael in Minnesota and yours truly in Texas used the “same” seamless sky, 1500 miles apart, as our inspiration, shooting arrows at the same target from differing locations and perspectives over a two-month period of work.

We hope you find the end result interesting and worthwhile.

Michael Jacobson is author of THE GIANT’S FENCE, curator of the blog
The New Post-Literate, and major figure in the asemic writing movement.

Ordering information at http://kendrasteinereditions. wordpress. com/available-kse-poetry-chapbooks/

And don’t forget the other recent KSE poetry chapbooks:

#116, MISTI RAINWATER-LITES, next exit: ten ;

#115, various artists , “KSE LAST POEMS” collection

#121, BILL SHUTE, leaf-blowers (sound library series, volume 37 ) ;

#117, ZACHARY C. BUSH / BILL SHUTE, shanti ;

#114, JIM D. DEUCHARS, allegheny rising ;

#112, MK CHAVEZ / JOHN SWEET, next exit: nine ;

#111, A. J. KAUFMANN, poznan city gospel ;

#110, CHRISTOPHER CUNNINGHAM, in gambler’s blood (sound library series, volume 36).

Kendra Steiner Editions’ next release, STILL HUMAN by LUIS CUAUHTEMOC BERRIOZABAL should be available by December 20th.

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