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March 13, 2009

ACRES (KSE #131) now available

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Bill Shute,  ACRES (sound library series, volume 40),  KSE #131

The real featured chapbook right now is Michael Layne Heath’s GREY RAGE (DYED), so let me give a brief introduction to my own new chapbook, ACRES, before I move on to Mike’s exciting new offering.

The 40th entry in KSE’s Sound Library Series (using John Cage’s 1991 composition for cello ONE 8  as the musical prompt), ACRES deals with externals, with things, and with environment…in this case, the environment of the acres and acres of steel and glass and concrete and asphalt found in the Stone Oak medical area north of San Antonio’s outer loop, highway 1604. I spent an afternoon up there a month or two ago, without transportation, and one of the few human beings on foot,  not to be found in an office building or a hospital/clinic or in a car going to or from the area. This gave me an unusual perspective, and out of that perspective ACRES grew.  John Cage’s austere composition ONE 8 was the perfect musical piece to mirror what I felt and what I put on the page in similarly austere form. Incidentally, this is my second chapbook in the last six months to use a misquotation of William Carlos Williams’  line “no ideas but in things” at a climactic moment in the text.

The epigraph this time is from William Bronk: “The tree embraces the house. In a long time / the house will lose itself in the tree’s embrace.”

Hand-made, hand-numbered edition of 37 copies, 17 of which have already been sold.

In the US, $4 check to Bill Shute, 14080 Nacogdoches Rd. #350, San Antonio, Texas, 78247. Or any three different KSE chaps for $10 postpaid. In addition to ACRES, you may choose from

#126,  MICHAEL LAYNE HEATH, grey rage (dyed) ;

#129,  MIRA HORVICH / BILL  SHUTE, suspension ;

#128,  BILL SHUTE, hours past sunset (sound library series, volume 39) ;

#119,  A. J. KAUFMANN, satori in berlin (x-berg songs) ;


#118,  BILL SHUTE, venetian sage ;

#116,  MISTI RAINWATER-LITES, next exit: ten ;

#34,  STUART CRUTCHFIELD, shack simple (reprint).

Outside the US, $5 for each chapbook, postpaid. Write to django5722(at)yahoo(dot)com and request a paypal invoice.

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