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April 17, 2009

two future KSE “Sound Library” volumes

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KSE’s “Sound Library Series” is at the core of our operation, and we’re up to 42 volumes now. While the majority of them are by yours truly, a number of other poets have had chapbooks in the series, including Stuart Crutchfield, David Keenan, Brad Kohler, Christopher Cunningham, and Adrian Manning.

Two exciting new entries will be forthcoming later in 2009:

Michael Layne Heath will be doing a chap inspired by KIM FOWLEY‘s 1978 classic  “Sunset Blvd.” I’ve been asking MLH to do a Sound Library chap for a while, and this choice is the perfect marriage of poet and music. Sunset Blvd. was issued in the UK on the Illegal label and in the US on PVC, and a number of tracks were pulled from the album for singles in Europe. Fowley is, for me, the ultimate beat poet…he just happens to be working in music. This chapbook should be arriving in Fall 2009.

And I will be doing a chap dedicated to one of Jandek‘s albums, having recently received the corporate blessing of Corwood Industries for such a project. I’ve been listening to SKIRTING THE EDGE in recent weeks, and I just acquired GLASGOW SUNDAY 2005, and the 3 spoken-word and the 3 fretless bass-and-vocal albums are longtime faves. But I’ll listen to a lot more Jandek in the next month or two before deciding which album I’ll tackle.

I may well be doing other solo volumes in the Sound Library Series before these chaps arrive, but having MLH do something Fowley-related and getting Corwood’s permission for a Jandek chap seemed important enough news to rate its own announcement. I KNOW the KSE readers, and I know this is exciting news to you all…           🙂

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