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April 24, 2009

Bob Dylan back in Texas in August—3 shows

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Bob Dylan’s enormously successful summer tour of minor-league baseball parks returns again this year, making 3 stops in Texas cities, and including not just Willie Nelson this time but adding John Mellencamp to the show.

Tickets are general admission and $67.50 each. Children 14 and under get in free, one per paid adult ticket. Doors open at 4:30 for BobDylan.Com ticketholders (it’s easy to sign up for that and recommended), 5:00 for everyone else, and showtime is at 5:30.

AUGUST 4,   ROUND ROCK, TEXAS        Dell Diamond

AUGUST 5,   CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS    Whataburger Field


Tickets go on sale in May, with BobDylan.Com members getting access five days earlier. Check the website for exact details.

Dylan’s new album TOGETHER THROUGH LIFE will be issued in the US this coming Tuesday.

If you are really a Dylan fan, you’ll want to pick up a copy of Glenn W. Cooper’s wonderful poetry book TRYIN’ TO GET TO HEAVEN: POEMS ABOUT, TO & INSPIRED BY BOB DYLAN, available here:  . A book featuring the elegance, understatement, mastery of tone, and precision of language always found in Mr. Cooper’s work, I’ve nearly worn out my copy, taking it with me when I’m on a bus trip, or waiting for a tire to be changed, or hanging out in the park on a summer day. Glenn W. Cooper is the author of the much-acclaimed RIMBAUD IN THE CITY (KSE #83) and also was featured in the closing spot in our KSE LAST POEMS (KSE #115) anthology, with the powerful selection “Your Own Small Tragedy,” which I’ll reprint here for those not lucky enough to have scored a copy of LAST POEMS while it was available. Enjoy! and don’t miss Dylan on tour this summer.




Embrace your own tragedy, for it is

yours and yours alone. Like corneal

identification, like fingerprints and

DNA, no two are alike. When you

awaken at 3 a.m. and reach for that certain

someone who is not there–feel

your despair and wrap your arms

around it–it is yours to keep for as long

as you need it. Those endless afternoons

alone with your thoughts, walking

the long hallways of memory with

every door open. The marrow-

deep anxiety of separation. The

phone that does not ring. Your own

small tragedy, maybe not

Shakespearean in scope, but

immortal just the same. Embrace it

like the rain. Feed it, water it in

the womb of your soul. Remember

it is yours to keep, that nothing

can ever take it away from you,

that if nothing else you have

saved this one special part

of your self that grew into more

than you could ever have imagined.


Glenn W. Cooper



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