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April 29, 2009

MORE (KSE #136), now available

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MORE (Sound Library Series, Volume 43)

by Bill Shute (KSE #136)

I haven’t yet posted an entry on either STEREO ACTION or KNOX COUNTY but those will be up within a week, I hope.

However, MORE is out and available now, so here’s the essential info on the 43rd entry in the Sound Library Series.

MORE contains six poems, inspired by songs (and named after song titles) from the obscure 1968-69 album WIDE WORLD HITS, by the String-A-Longs, produced by Norman Petty in Clovis, New Mexico. It’s essentially an MOR guitar instrumental album, of some interest to collectors because supposedly it’s really The Fireballs, performing in the style of the more languid String-A-Longs. Certainly the lead guitarist seems to be George Tomsco of the Fireballs, a man with a beautiful tone and someone who can play in any number of styles. Though probably a disappointing album to those who want rock’n’roll instrumentals, Tomsco’s playing is as sublime as always, and like all Norman Petty productions it has a rich and distinctive sound. And multiple plays of it inspired this chapbook:

MORE…Julie London sings Cole Porter as background to depressing and anonymous post-midnight affairs…

PLACES I REMEMBER…the goings-on in the alley behind Eskimo Joe’s in Stillwater, Oklahoma, as seen through a Looney Tunes shower-curtain filter…

SOMEONE STRONGER…adapted from the never-finished, never-published CACTUS BARRIER, this is set in 1951 and finds a young man more interested in a western comic book than a woman…

I’LL BE THERE…neutron bombs and dogs wandering over the Gettysburg battlefield and squatters and standardized tests and strangers playing tennis on the neighborhood courts…

LOVE IS BLUE…a cryptic situation unfolds as the southern sky transforms…

SILENCE IS GOLDEN…a meditation upon non-dualistic (Advaita Vedanta) thought (the epigraph comes from the Avadhuta Gita, an important text from that tradition) to tie together and close the collection.

hand-numbered, hand-assembled edition of 39 copies, 15 of which are already gone…

If you are new to my poetry, you might want to start with ACRES or SUSPENSION…but if you’re someone who enjoys jumping into the deep end of the pool, grab a copy of MORE while you can.

Presently, I’m working on the next Sound Library entry, the one (mentioned in a previous post)  that’s based on a Jandek album, for which I received approval from Corwood Industries. I’ve chosen the album and started work on the piece, but I’ll not give any specifics until it’s almost done. I expect to spend a month or so on it.

The next two chapbooks for May and June, RONALD BAATZ’s “Headlights from the Otherside of the World” and ALEATHIA DREHMER’s “Circles,” are both ready and will be released before I leave for the Northeast on May 14th.  I’ll be gone for two weeks, so get your orders in by May 12th and I’ll send out the books before I leave town.

For ordering information, check out the AVAILABLE KSE CHAPBOOKS page to your upper right…

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