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September 9, 2009

Kaufmann & Shute, “Blues for Duffy Power” (KSE #145), now available

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KSE  #145




08-04-2009 06;47;24PM

In BLUES FOR DUFFY POWER (KSE #145), our second collaborative chapbook, A. J. Kaufmann and I have created a multifaceted nine-page poetic mosaic that grows out of our admiration for the British bluesman Duffy Power, for whom 2009 marks his 50th year in music. A powerful but sensitive songwriter, singer, guitarist, and harmonica player, Power has never become a superstar, but has remained true to the  blues, and his reputation continues to grow despite the small number of albums he’s released.

In BLUES FOR DUFFY POWER, A. J. Kaufmann and I dig down deep for the essence of the blues, through a bluesman’s life, gigs, lyrics, and consciousness…the coldwater flat, the sleeping in train and bus stations, the unglamorous gigs in backwater places for blitzed winery workers and soldiers about to be shipped off to war, the ability to connect through the blues with anyone anywhere who is oppressed or marginalized . You’ll feel not just what it’s like to live the blues, but to live it so deeply your only option is to sing the blues. And no one sings the blues better and more sensitively than Duffy Power.

BLUES FOR DUFFY POWER is unlike any other poem you’ve read, including the previous Kaufmann and Shute collaboration, BEYOND THE BLUE ROCKS: MEDITATIONS ON THE TIBETAN BOOK OF THE DEAD. It’s KSE #145, and it’s available now in a hand-assembled, hand-numbered edition of  67 copies.

In the US, books are $4 each postpaid, or you can get any three KSE chaps for $10 postpaid.  Send a check (or well-concealed cash) made payable to Bill Shute, 14080 Nacogdoches Rd. #350, San Antonio, Texas, 78247.  Outside the US, you can get any book for $5 postpaid, payable via paypal. Just write to django5722 (at) yahoo (dot) com and request a paypal invoice. For your 3-for-$10 deal, you can choose from any of these other in-print chapbooks:

#144, ZACHARY C. BUSH, “spin” ;

#143, A. J. KAUFMANN, “symbolisme psychédélique” (sound library series, volume 47). In memory of Sky Sunlight Saxon, issued simultaneously with KSE #142 ;

#142, BILL SHUTE, “plink, plonk & scratch” (sound library series, volume 46). In memory of Sky Sunlight Saxon, issued simultaneously with KSE #143.


#140, BILL SHUTE, subtraction ;

#139, A. J. KAUFMANN, antiquewhite rain (sound library series, volume 45) ;

#138, BILL SHUTE, the stumble (sound library series, volume 44) ;

#134, RONALD BAATZ, headlights from the otherside of the world ;

#132,  DOUG DRAIME, knox county (photographs by Lena Ozuna) ;

#135,  BILL SHUTE, stereo action (sound library series, volume 42) ;

#130,  MISTI RAINWATER-LITES, odd years ;

#126,  MICHAEL LAYNE HEATH, grey rage (dyed) .

And while you are at it, why not buy one or more of Mr. Power’s superb CD’s?

available DUFFY POWER cd’s (all UK releases) :

“leapers and sleepers” (RPM records)

“vampers and champers” (RPM records)

“sky blues: bbc broadcasts” (HUK records)


Alexis Korner’s Blues Incorporated featuring Duffy Power

“Sky High” (CASTLE records)


  1. I wonder if everything is included in this poem to Duffy Power. I was with him for several years and believe that his problems denied him his rightful place in the British Blues scene. He was way ahead of his time in his appreciation of The Blues, but he didn’t get the recognition. I was out of my depth with his often chaotic behaviour and Alexis Korner was a great friend to us both. It saddens me that those who did do well, despite their own drug problems, never gave him credit for his part in promoting the whole blues scene. Shame on them and perhaps they don’t know who they are as they were either too stoned to remember or they have reached such dizzy heights that they forget the journeyman who was Duffy Power. He treated me very badly, but credit where it’s due. Each time I hear the others, it seems to me that they should have the decency to reach out and at least acknowledge who was one of the main people to be into the blues in this country. The trouble was he would not commercialise the blues and this was his mistake, along with his love of things which did him so much harm. I shall always be grateful to him for introducing me to the real down home, gut wrenching, Deep South blues.

    Comment by D — December 12, 2009 @ 10:49 am | Reply

  2. Great to see a poetry edition dedicated to refined jazz & bluesman Duffy Power. Duffy was honest & uncompromising about his music, in the liner notes to the Vampers & Champers cd on RPM, Colin Harper tells of Power refusing to let journalist (Chris Welch, was it?) sit in on a jam session…. I agree that mismanagement probably explains why Duffy never ‘broke through’ where Cream, Pentangle, etc. succeeded (Cream and Pentangle DID have pushy managers like Robert Stigwood and Jo Lustig, in addition to their great talent]. Duffy had to settle for ‘crumbs’, a bit like Alexis Korner (remember his multitude of short term record deals even in the mid-60s’)

    Wim van Cleef, 16 july 2010

    Comment by Wim van Cleef — July 16, 2010 @ 4:50 am | Reply

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