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November 13, 2009

the original edition of FOUR TEXAS STREAMS

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four texas streams

Here’s a rarity for you, one which I just found a copy of in my garage. This is the original, pre-KSE edition (12 copies printed, 10 of which were inscribed and given to friends and fellow poets—I kept 2) of FOUR TEXAS STREAMS, which later became the FIRST Kendra Steiner Editions chapbook in March 2006 (see the Bibliography page for the history of this work). KSE moved over 200 of these, many sold at the readings I did in support of my 2006 Word Mechanics book 12 GATES TO THE CITY.  FOUR TEXAS STREAMS was also a good seller at Volcanic Tongue in Glasgow, whose blurb about it read,

Great short companion piece to Shute’s newly-published Twelve Gates To The City, four poems that combine the always affecting personal detail that defines much of his work with an appearance by Bob Wills & The Texas Playboys illuminating the night/day dynamic of a solitary shift worker on the fringes of consensus reality. Privately-printed hand-numbered edition. Highly recommended.

Without KSE #1, FOUR TEXAS STREAMS,  and the excellent response it received, we might not have continued the KSE imprint and thus we might not have issued the 150 chapbooks we have so far. I credit the influence of musicians who ran/run their own labels such as Jandek with his Corwood Industries, Paul Bley with his Improvising Artists Inc., and Big Bill Bissonnette with his Jazz Crusade (and not forgetting Fred Cole out in Oregon) in providing me both the inspiration and the model for KSE.

While FOUR TEXAS STREAMS is long out of print, it was included as a bonus at the end of my book-length poem POINT LOMA PURPLE, issued by Word Mechanics in 2007, and there are some copies of that still available. As we reach our 150th chapbook, it’s nice to remember how this all started… Thanks to all who have stood by KSE by buying and/or talking about and/or writing about our chapbooks. We have some great work lined up over the next few months and the next year that won’t let you down. Stay tuned…


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  1. This is a really great post. Don’t you love finding relics?!? -ZCB

    Comment by Zachary Bush — November 16, 2009 @ 1:09 pm | Reply

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