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January 8, 2010

Printer Problems…

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The trusty second KSE printer has died. Our first printer, an $89 one, got us through the first two years; this second one, a $129 one, got us through the second two years and probably printed up 3500+ KSE chapbooks, not to mention many work-related printing jobs, KSE promo sheets and flyers, family printing jobs, etc. So I guess it served poetry well these two years and two months. A new printer is on order. This should not affect ANYONE other than a few folks (MLH, Justin J., Derz, etc.) waiting on author copies. I have enough copies to handle any orders for the next week (things should be back to normal in 7-10 days), and I can always print one or two books on Mary Anne’s printer. We’ll need to push back the release of Jim D. Deuchars’ new MONONGAHELA  ABSTRACT CONSTRUCT (KSE #155) until about the 20th of January, but it’s worth waiting for!

A lot is available right now:

FROM DECEMBER and now available:

KSE #153, Bill Shute, “The Twenty-Fifth Life of Alcyone.” Sound Library Series, Volume 49.

KSE #152,  K.M. Dersley, “Many Septembers.”

KSE #151,  A.J. Kaufmann & Bill Shute, “Twombly’s Siracusa.”

KSE #150,  Michael Layne Heath, “Loons of a Dogman.” Sound Library Series, Volume 48.

FROM JANUARY and now available:

KSE #154,  A.J. Kaufmann, “Vagabond Vacancy.”

KSE #159, A.J. Kaufmann & Bill Shute, “78 Horizons.”

and much more is still available: check the “available KSE chapbooks” page to your upper right for ordering info. Chaps are only $4 each in the US or 3-for-$10; chaps are $5 outside of the US, payable by paypal (paypal is only available for customers outside the US—just request an invoice!)


COMING ON JANUARY 20th (we hope):

KSE #155,  Jim D. Deuchars,  “Monongahela Abstract Construct.”



KSE #158, Zachary C. Bush, “Is This Deformed?”

KSE #156, Bill Shute, “The Mosquitoes of La Marque.” Sound Library Series, Volume 50.



KSE #160, John Sweet, “This Moment, Reflected In Ice.”

KSE #161, Bill Shute, “Lament For The Living: Chet Baker’s Last Session.” Sound Library Series, Volume 53.


just in time for baseball season, a new baseball-oriented chapbook from Cleveland poet MICHAEL CERAOLO, author of MORE EUCLID CREEK (KSE #53), which was singled out for praise by Byron Coley/Thurston Moore in Arthur Magazine.

also, Volume 4 of the Cinema Poetry Series, from A.J. Kaufmann, based on Werner Herzog’s film AGUIRRE: THE WRATH OF GOD, starring Klaus Kinski.

As always, thanks for your support of contemporary poetry, of independent artists, and of KSE… and like Duke Ellington, WE LOVE YOU MADLY!!!

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