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January 19, 2010

free download of Radu Malfatti album!

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To quote Henry David Thoreau, in a passage much loved by John Cage, “All sound is nearly akin to silence, it is a bubble on her surface”—-if you are not familiar with the compositions of Radu Malfatti and have not spent time living in their spacious world, that quote should be enough of an “advance organizer” to provide a comfortable doorway into his work. An Austrian who has worked in many countries, Mr. Malfatti first became widely known in contemporary music circles through performances in free-jazz/free-improv territory, although as time has passed he has been commanding attention as a significant composer, and he operates a label called b-boim (see discography at ) that is dedicated largely, though not exclusively, to his compositions. There are 20 cd-r albums so far, and many of the early ones are available from our friends at Mimaroglu Music ( ). Malfatti’s music, painted on a large canvas, seems the perfect antidote to the mechanical automatic-pilot mode in which so many of us lead our lives when we aren’t really paying attention—-it can create a kind of mindfulness where not only does every sound matter, but every interval matters, whether or not it contains intentional, musician-generated sound, and the intervals themselves become meaningful and fascinating units.

The above-pictured album contains Malfatti’s composition wechseljahre einer hyäne, as performed in 2003 by a saxophone quartet consisting of Ulrich Kreiger (sopr), Martin Losert (alto), Tobias Ruger (bar), and Reimar Volker (bar), and it’s offered as a free download by the et le feu comme label for your listening pleasure. Why not listen to the album at the end of a long day, with the lights dimmed, sitting somewhere between your speakers and with the volume at a medium to medium-high level, perhaps with a glass of wine. It may wash away a number of arbitrary assumptions about music and about art, while also being an exciting and beautiful experience in itself…

Here’s the link for the MP3 download:

Enjoy! The piece runs around 30:40

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