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April 22, 2010

Jandek, March 2010 Australian tour links

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The Representative from Corwood Industries & Heather Leigh Murray

Sydney Airport (photo taken from


reviews of the 18 & 19 March concerts in Sydney:,-sydney-2010.aspx


review of  18 March concert in Sydney:


comments on and download link for 23 March concert in Brisbane:


comments from Australians who saw the shows–you’ll need to scroll down a lot to get to the comments ABOUT the shows…when you get to the comments a few days before the shows about people getting tickets, etc., you’re almost there…very interesting to get these first-hand accounts from people who are fans of contemporary underground music but not having much knowledge of/exposure to Jandek previously:

this comment from “nightmonster” pretty much says it all:

Adelaide show was like an ESP-Disk ‘rock’ (and I use that term loosely) band taking an hour to cover the Elevators’ ‘May the Circle Remain Unbroken’, or if the Minutemen, or even DNA, got really stoned and played free music at 1/4 speed. I’ve not really heard anything quite like it.

I think there were moments of greatness and as a whole I really enjoyed it. It really sucked you in to its personal world, each of the players returning to the same motifs, their palette was narrow but effective. I liked the fact that you could have been 5 minutes or 2 hours in and it still hung together very loosely with similar bass runs, drum patterns, and guitar sounds. Sterling’s playing was particularly revelatory, up there with Keiji Haino and Dean Roberts sets that had previously floored me, like he was tearing holes in the air with those barbed shrieks and sludgy wildman blues. I just wish he sang more than 4 lines of lyrics. I can roughly remember three of them (he sang the sets of lyrics 4 times over the 55 minute set). …”You could look it up on the computer/I’m crawling to Damascus/It’s where I want to be…” – something like that.

It’s 3 days later and I’m still thinking about it, the sign of a special performance. I really hope they come back.


GREAT pics/video of Australian tour (not sure of which show). This website seems to be a Heather Leigh Murray fan site as there is also a discussion of her work apart from Jandek.


Thanks to the Australians who wrote about this tour. There are surely more; I just did a brief google search of  “Jandek” and each city he played. This was an important tour, one that will be viewed as historic 10 or 20 years from now, yet as always, people tend to take for granted what’s happening right now, especially from an artist who is as prolific and as self-effacing as Jandek. But an artist just needs to do the work that he/she knows is essential, get it out there, and not worry about the reception and the “big picture.” That’s what Jandek has been doing for 30+ years.

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