Kendra Steiner Editions (Bill Shute)

July 16, 2010

SEAWALL (KSE #169) by Bill Shute, now available

B I L L   S H U T E  ,    SEAWALL  (KSE #169)

sound library series, volume 57

My newest poetry chapbook, SEAWALL (KSE #169) , was written in Galveston about two weeks after the Gulf Oil Spill. At the time, I imagined the tarballs washing up on the Texas Gulf Coast, which had not yet happened; of course, now they HAVE begun washing up on the Texas Gulf Coast. This sad event will totally change the lives of Gulf Coast residents and will uproot Gulf Coast culture—-indeed, it already has. And things will NEVER be the same, even if the water becomes “acceptable” again in 10 years or whatever. And for better or worse, it will become a defining moment for the Obama administration, although he of course had nothing to do with it.  SEAWALL is my attempt to capture in poetry, from a Texas perspective, the Gulf Oil Spill and its (no pun intended) fallout. I hope you find it interesting and worthwhile. This event will touch and has touched us all. I don’t understand how poets can NOT write about such events!

Paypal ordering only: $5 ppd. anywhere to django5722(at)yahoo(dot)com.

I wrote it in Galveston, TX, in early May 2010 on the second floor balcony of the $35/night Super 8 Motel that faces Seawall Blvd. and the Gulf Of Mexico, fuelled by energy drinks and under the spell of the Ophibre CD  “drone works for differing digital audio formats and encoding methods” (SRA, 2009), repeating each short track about eight times before moving on to the next one and then repeating that. Someone it helped me clarify the vision of what was in front of me and project into the near future. The drones fuctioned as waves of oil moving in my mind’s eye through the Gulf toward Galveston…

If he would ever read it, I’d hope Joe Bob Briggs would say, “Check it out!”

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