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August 12, 2010

free download of new David Meltzer poetry chapbook, DOOM CUSP

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“Doom Cusp” (published August 2010)

download link:

publisher’s blurb:

“Doom Cusp” by David Meltzer is dedicated to the California artist Wallace Berman who was one of Meltzer’s mentors when he became exiled there from Brooklyn. Berman’s use of the Hebrew alphabet and especially the Aleph in his collages, reminded Meltzer of the presences of the Holocaust and seemed relevant today in the midst of another series of Holy Wars and their ultimate futility.

As a longtime reader and admirer of David Meltzer’s work, I’m excited to see that the master is still in fine form: the post-beat, psychedelia-soaked eye and voice; the careful attention to line and stanza and using the full possibilities of open-form; the roots in Judaica, while at the same time making that ancient wisdom and set of symbols fresh and new and relevant and natural-to-the-piece in a way that it does not call attention to itself, truly the sign of a mature and flexible artist ; the ability to reflect the NOW and to lament, in the Old Testament sense, while keeping one’s eyes on the stars; the ability to be political while having a detachment and a historical perspective enough to place contemporary issues in a proper context.  It’s classic Meltzer, and it’s free!

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