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August 24, 2010

The Collected Poems of Larry Eigner, in 4 volumes

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Finally found the massive four-volume COLLECTED POEMS OF LARRY EIGNER at a significant discount and took the plunge…Eigner is/was a towering figure in modern poetry, one of the defining artists of open-form poetry…he’s probably (along with Paul Blackburn, Ted Berrigan, and John Wieners) one of the 4 poets most influential on my own work and poetics…check him out…you’ll never be the same!

One can usually find a number of used Eigner books at reasonable prices. His Black Sparrow collections and his late book for Green Integer can be found for under 8 dollars at the Amazon Marketplace or in used bookstores in major cities. Frankly, any Eigner book will do to introduce you to his unique vision, his way of energizing the page. I don’t think ANYONE has ever used the open-form page better than Eigner. When I read him, I am awakened, and it’s as if I’m seeing and hearing and feeling for the first time…like a blind person who has just been given sight. With this massive four-volume set (which just arrived two hours ago, so I’m just starting the introductory essay in Volume 1), I feel as though I’m sitting at the feet of the master, and I know that going this deep into Eigner’s work (I believe I have 7 of his books, all of which I’ve owned for decades, some going back to the 1970’s, so he’s always been a presence in my poetic thought and growth) is going to have a profound influence on my own work and thought. Maybe I’ll come up for air again in a few months…stay tuned…

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