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September 25, 2010

“Emergency” (KSE #157) featured on Orange Alert podcast

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My poem EMERGENCY (KSE #157), dealing with the flooding in Galveston during Hurricane Ike in 2008, appears on this week’s Orange Alert podcast. It’s the second track, beginning at about 3:58. You can access it here:  . This comes from my new spoken-word CDR, “San Antonio Sky Songs” (KSE #171). EMERGENCY was one of the rarer KSE chapbooks, never offered for sale, but instead offered as a free New Year’s gift for 2010 to the best KSE customers and friends and reviewers, only 25 copies printed and long out-of-print, so it will be new to many of you. A. J. Kaufmann fans will rejoice that A.J. appears as a character in this piece…thanks for Jason at Orange Alert for including “Emergency.”

September 23, 2010

meanwhile back at the ranch…

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September 22, 2010

new RAMBUTAN 3″-cdr, AGE OF NONE (KSE #178), now available

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“Age of None”

3″ CDR (19:14),  KSE #168

KSE’s new CDR is from one of the most essential makers-of-drone-sound-environments on today’s scene, RAMBUTAN (aka Eric Hardiman), from Albany, NY. AGE OF NONE is a newly-recorded 19 minute piece that takes the listener on a subterranean journey, full of varied textures (molten steel, burlap, wet moss, shards of broken concrete), overlapping but irregular waves, rusted subways racing through the bloodstream, out-of-phase industrial machinery running on automatic pilot, dripping springs, and cold distant winds. And as always for Rambutan, there is always a lot of space, room to breathe within the drones…a sound environment you can live in!

Although this is Rambutan’s first recording for KSE, Eric is no stranger to us…his CD “Abandoned Space” on the Small Doses label (which you can order here, #42: ) was the musical inspiration for my poetry chapbook ONENESS & THE SUN (KSE #165), and I own about 10 of his tapes/discs. You should look up Rambutan and order anything you can find (after ordering AGE OF NONE from KSE!).

AGE OF NONE is a limited edition of 75 copies and is available NOW for order. Only $5 postpaid anywhere…send paypal payment to django5722(at)yahoo(dot)com. Eric will also have copies available for sale in a few weeks, so you can pick up a copy at one of his shows if that’s more convenient. While you are at it, why not order KSE’s other new 3″ CDR release:


available for only $5 postpaid. We’ll have a writeup on that one within the next week.

Also, our last remaining copies of the first three CDR’s are still available:

KSE #176 (3-inch CDR), Ophibre, “St. Asphalt (Patron Saint of Army Ants).”        $5 ppd.

KSE #170 (3-inch CDR). Derek Rogers, “Circum_Navigate.”  $5 ppd.

KSE #172 (CDR), Sir Plastic Crimewave, “String/Soul/Eye.”  $7 ppd.

Thank you all for your support of KSE’s new line of CDR’s and for your longtime support of our poetry chapbooks. Our fifth anniversary will be arriving in a few months…

September 20, 2010

the few, the proud, the KSE family of poets

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from Poznan, Poland, via stops in Tangier, Paris, and Berlin

 it’s  A. J. KAUFMANN

get his newest chapbook

AMAZON, THE FAME OF GOD (cinema poetry series, volume four)

KSE #166, inspired by Werner Herzog’s classic 1973 film AGUIRRE, THE WRATH OF GOD, starring Klaus Kinski

$5.00 postpaid anywhere….via paypal to django5722(at)yahoo(dot)com

September 19, 2010

JESUS FRANCO & LINA ROMAY in Austin, 9/2009

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JESUS FRANCO, giving a 17-minute answer to my question about working with Orson Welles on Chimes at Midnight and editing/reconstructing the footage from Welles’ uncompleted DON QUIXOTE…in Austin, TX, September 2009. That same evening, Franco’s VENUS IN FURS was screened, and it was a trip sitting two rows behind Franco watching him watching one of his masterpieces. A great evening, for sure…and VENUS looked great on the big screen.

The lovely (and witty!) LINA ROMAY appeared alongside her longtime partner/director Jess Franco. When the host of the festival announced, “tomorrow night, Lina will be starring in THE BARE-BREASTED COUNTESS,” it was funny to see her do an exaggerated blush!  What an honor it was to be in the same room with Jess & Lina!

September 14, 2010

new Bill Shute spoken-word CDR now available!

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full-length (40 minute) spoken-word CDR





ACRES  5:01



BOSS MAN  1:31



master key—feeling free—exchanges—bright and shining—voices in the wind


With the excellent response to the spoken-word SILHOUETTES business-card CDR and to the other spoken-word tracks I’ve sent in file form to a number of KSE readers-customers, I’ve taken your suggestions and put together a full-length (40 minute) CDR of readings from various 2006-2009 chapbooks of mine. The two most requested by readers were ACRES and SUSPENSION, and those are both on here among many others. My poetry-music collaborations with cutting-edge experimental musician-composers Derek Rogers and Anthony Guerra will be coming out over the next year, but while we are waiting for those, here’s me…in your face. If you’ve ever wondered how my open-field poems are meant to be “heard,”  this cdr will provide your answer. If you can imagine my poems read in a style somewhere between Ken Nordine, Kim Fowley, and William Shatner, then maybe you are ready for this album. If not, look elsewhere.

$7.00 postpaid anywhere via paypal to django5722(at)yahoo(dot)com.

SAN ANTONIO SKY SONGS…it’s exactly what you think it is.

And yes, that’s a Bukka White allusion in the title…

September 11, 2010


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Larry Eigner (1927-1996) was a prolific poet working in the post-Olson “open field” method of composition, perhaps the definitive poet who epitomized the principles of Olson’s “projective verse,” although Eigner was very much his own man, and his unique use of the typed page as a literary canvas, as a field of energy with both words and space as units of composition, was very much his own creation.
As much of an artistic original with an unique yet open-ended aesthetic as a Gertrude Stein or a John Cage or an Andy Warhol, Eigner wrote over 3000 poems in his life, and they are collected here in four massive volumes.

Each Eigner poetic construction—captured here in a font resembling the actual typewriter font with which Eigner slowly and carefully composed these works, and presented on large pages that attempt to create the feel of an actual 8×11 typed sheet of paper—is an energy-charged linguistic moment that attempts to capture the complex relationship between perception and thought as they are happening.
This is a poetry that captures movement and energy and perception…and the moment.

Honestly, a four-volume set that contains EVERYTHING Eigner ever wrote, from junior-high school juvenalia to his final poems, is probably NOT the best way to encounter his work for the first time. One can find his Black Sparrow collections, and also his last book, published posthumously by Green Integer, used at reasonable prices, and any one of those can function as a wonderful entry into Larry Eigner’s poetic world…and once one enters that world, nothing is ever the same again.

THE COLLECTED POEMS OF LARRY EIGNER, VOLUMES 1-4 is a massive accomplishment, both in terms of being its author’s life work, and in terms of being a project for which the publisher (Stanford University Press) should win some kind of award.

I’ve had my copy for about 6 weeks, and I tend to choose two or three poems a day, poems I’ve not encountered before in his books that I own, and to spend quality time with them, getting into the scene and the moment that Eigner has presented, allowing it to come alive for me.

Let’s hope that the publication of this Collected Poems leads to a re-assessment of Eigner’s work and some long-deserved visibility. Today’s college literature texts are full of so much crap in their poetry chapters–what a breath of fresh air the inclusion of some Larry Eigner would bring. I can see readers getting excited about poetry once again based on Eigner’s work, as it’s so completely original and alive.

It should be no surprise that poets such as Creeley and Cid Corman, poets whose work is characterized by understatement, and words-as-objects, and poetry-as-craft, were among Eigner’s biggest champions. Any lover of post-1960 poetry with an open mind and open ears should also become a champion of Larry Eigner’s work…

September 8, 2010

Doug Draime, “For a Dream Ended” (KSE #168), now available!

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“For a Dream Ended” (KSE #168)

The 8th KSE chapbook from this legendary West Coast poet, a man who for 40+ years has been the model of the independent underground poet. After coming back from Vietnam and locating in the Los Angeles area, Doug threw himself completely into the psychedelic culture (some of his visionary 1968 mescaline-fueled poems are found in the long out-of-print KSE #87, LAST MAY, now a major collectable) and then the L.A. street culture, of which he was/is one of the foremost chroniclers, until his relocation to Oregon about 20 years ago. I started reading his poetry in underground and leftist magazines/newspapers back in the 70’s and was always on the lookout for his work. When I began KSE almost five years ago, Doug was the first “outside” (meaning, not someone I already knew or who was a friend-of-a-friend) poet I brought in, and we’ve worked together closely for a number of years now. Doug is also a fine reader and critic of KSE chapbooks, and he’s provided some insightful comments/perspectives over the years. As a poet, he’s a master of any number of forms, and unlike most of his contemporaries, each of his poems uses a form that is unique to and necessary for that particular piece. Although I could choose any number of “best” poems from Doug, I cannot really choose a “typical” poem. And that’s one reason why I am still reading his work closely and excitedly after 30+ years as a Draime reader.

FOR A DREAM ENDED (KSE #168) is a collection of new work from Doug, 9 poems selected from about 25 first-rate pieces, and then sequenced into a well-paced, eclectic, and exciting read. The rich particulars, the zen calm and then the righteous anger, the experimentations in form, the resonant images, the spiritual presence—-it’s all here, and it’s classic Draime. Be sure to get this new chapbook, a hand-numbered and hand-assembled edition of 61 copies, before it’s gone.

Only $5 postpaid anywhere, payable via paypal at django5722(at)yahoo(dot)com. And while you are at it, why not pick up a few of our other recent poetry chapbooks:

#167, BILL SHUTE, “Down Bridge Street.”

#166, A.J.  KAUFMANN, “Amazon, The Fame of God.” (cinema poetry series, volume 4) .

#164, JONO TOSCH, “Probably”.

#169, BILL SHUTE, “Seawall” (sound library series, Volume 57).

#160, JOHN SWEET, “This Moment, Reflected in Ice”.

#158, ZACHARY C. BUSH, “Is This Deformed”.

#152,  K.M. DERSLEY, “Many Septembers”.

KSE also deals in experimental/psychedelic/free-jazz & free-improv etc. music and has an ongoing series of CDR’s. The first three are from Sir Plastic Crimewave, Derek Rogers, and Ophibre. The next two are from RAMBUTAN and ANDREAS BRANDAL and should be out in a few weeks.

Ordering info for all presently available KSE products can be found here:

Thanks for your support of Kendra Steiner Editions and of independent artists and arts collectives NOT associated with cliques or agendas.

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