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September 8, 2010

Doug Draime, “For a Dream Ended” (KSE #168), now available!

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“For a Dream Ended” (KSE #168)

The 8th KSE chapbook from this legendary West Coast poet, a man who for 40+ years has been the model of the independent underground poet. After coming back from Vietnam and locating in the Los Angeles area, Doug threw himself completely into the psychedelic culture (some of his visionary 1968 mescaline-fueled poems are found in the long out-of-print KSE #87, LAST MAY, now a major collectable) and then the L.A. street culture, of which he was/is one of the foremost chroniclers, until his relocation to Oregon about 20 years ago. I started reading his poetry in underground and leftist magazines/newspapers back in the 70’s and was always on the lookout for his work. When I began KSE almost five years ago, Doug was the first “outside” (meaning, not someone I already knew or who was a friend-of-a-friend) poet I brought in, and we’ve worked together closely for a number of years now. Doug is also a fine reader and critic of KSE chapbooks, and he’s provided some insightful comments/perspectives over the years. As a poet, he’s a master of any number of forms, and unlike most of his contemporaries, each of his poems uses a form that is unique to and necessary for that particular piece. Although I could choose any number of “best” poems from Doug, I cannot really choose a “typical” poem. And that’s one reason why I am still reading his work closely and excitedly after 30+ years as a Draime reader.

FOR A DREAM ENDED (KSE #168) is a collection of new work from Doug, 9 poems selected from about 25 first-rate pieces, and then sequenced into a well-paced, eclectic, and exciting read. The rich particulars, the zen calm and then the righteous anger, the experimentations in form, the resonant images, the spiritual presence—-it’s all here, and it’s classic Draime. Be sure to get this new chapbook, a hand-numbered and hand-assembled edition of 61 copies, before it’s gone.

Only $5 postpaid anywhere, payable via paypal at django5722(at)yahoo(dot)com. And while you are at it, why not pick up a few of our other recent poetry chapbooks:

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KSE also deals in experimental/psychedelic/free-jazz & free-improv etc. music and has an ongoing series of CDR’s. The first three are from Sir Plastic Crimewave, Derek Rogers, and Ophibre. The next two are from RAMBUTAN and ANDREAS BRANDAL and should be out in a few weeks.

Ordering info for all presently available KSE products can be found here:

Thanks for your support of Kendra Steiner Editions and of independent artists and arts collectives NOT associated with cliques or agendas.

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