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September 22, 2010

new RAMBUTAN 3″-cdr, AGE OF NONE (KSE #178), now available

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“Age of None”

3″ CDR (19:14),  KSE #168

KSE’s new CDR is from one of the most essential makers-of-drone-sound-environments on today’s scene, RAMBUTAN (aka Eric Hardiman), from Albany, NY. AGE OF NONE is a newly-recorded 19 minute piece that takes the listener on a subterranean journey, full of varied textures (molten steel, burlap, wet moss, shards of broken concrete), overlapping but irregular waves, rusted subways racing through the bloodstream, out-of-phase industrial machinery running on automatic pilot, dripping springs, and cold distant winds. And as always for Rambutan, there is always a lot of space, room to breathe within the drones…a sound environment you can live in!

Although this is Rambutan’s first recording for KSE, Eric is no stranger to us…his CD “Abandoned Space” on the Small Doses label (which you can order here, #42: ) was the musical inspiration for my poetry chapbook ONENESS & THE SUN (KSE #165), and I own about 10 of his tapes/discs. You should look up Rambutan and order anything you can find (after ordering AGE OF NONE from KSE!).

AGE OF NONE is a limited edition of 75 copies and is available NOW for order. Only $5 postpaid anywhere…send paypal payment to django5722(at)yahoo(dot)com. Eric will also have copies available for sale in a few weeks, so you can pick up a copy at one of his shows if that’s more convenient. While you are at it, why not order KSE’s other new 3″ CDR release:


available for only $5 postpaid. We’ll have a writeup on that one within the next week.

Also, our last remaining copies of the first three CDR’s are still available:

KSE #176 (3-inch CDR), Ophibre, “St. Asphalt (Patron Saint of Army Ants).”        $5 ppd.

KSE #170 (3-inch CDR). Derek Rogers, “Circum_Navigate.”  $5 ppd.

KSE #172 (CDR), Sir Plastic Crimewave, “String/Soul/Eye.”  $7 ppd.

Thank you all for your support of KSE’s new line of CDR’s and for your longtime support of our poetry chapbooks. Our fifth anniversary will be arriving in a few months…

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