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January 1, 2011

Top 14 Music Releases of 2010

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Bill Shute’s top 14 music releases of 2010

 (in no particular order)

WEREJU, “who and what we are” (four cassette set, Idrone Park, Ireland)

OPHIBRE, “phase plane cake decorator” (cdr, songs from under the floorboards, USA)

ALISTAIR CROSBIE, “wanderlight falls” (four-cdr set, Lefthand Pressings, UK)

PAUL BLEY, “complete savoy sessions 1962-1963” (cd, Gambit, EU)

NICK HENNIES, “psalms” (cd, Roeba, USA)

MONIEK DARGE, “crete soundies” (cd, KYE, USA)

TATSUYA NAKATANI & FORBES GRAHAM, “essences” (CD, blaq lghtn, USA)


SCOTT WELLS, “day songs” (cdr, root strata, USA)

WILLIE MITCHELL AND THE FOUR KINGS, “the memphis rhythm ‘n’ blues sound of…” (cd, Stompertime, UK)

JOHN CAGE, “four4” (cd, another timbre, UK)

AL KING & ARTHUR K. ADAMS, “together: the complete Kent and Modern recordings” (cd, Ace, UK)


DEREK ROGERS, “slowmover” (cdr, house of alchemy, USA)



BILL DIXON, black saint/soul note collection (nine cd box, CAM, UK)

the entire INSTALLATION series on the Install label (14 cdr’s so far and going strong!)


2010 was one of the best years ever for independent music, in my humble opinion. With the incredible number of micro-pressing small labels and of artist-issued releases, we are getting a depth and breadth of individual artists’ and bands’ visions that is staggering and intoxicating, and that comes to us direct and pure, with NO record company softening and tweaking and changing-of-that-vision. Truly, the 70’s/early 80’s D.I.Y. spirit, and the mail-art and cassette culture that came after, have given birth to something bigger than all of us. Anyone who wants to, and who wants to take the time to find the music/labels/artists, CAN listen to a great NEW (as in less than a month old!)  release or two or five EVERY DAY. With everything that sucks so badly in the world, in society, in the economy, in government, etc., it’s inspiring to know that the arts are flourishing like never before. My thanks to all those artists/labels who are making this possible…

I will try to “review” some of the above releases on the KSE blog in the coming weeks/months. I did not include any cdr releases from my own KSE label, although a number of them would easily qualify…that’s why KSE released them!!!

Bill Shute

Kendra Steiner Editions

San Antonio, Texas  USA

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