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January 18, 2011

KUSCHTY RYE ERGOT, “senescence” 3″-cdr now available!

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KSE #183 (3″ cdr)

Kuschty Rye Ergot mainman John Stanton has been a psychedelic  soldier for decades, providing the greater Washington, DC area with a much-needed pure higher-key presence. When I lived in Virginia in the 1980’s, I always looked forward to visiting DC two or three times a year and catching John Stanton with bands such as Gigolo Aunt, and I had the privilege of listening to many a “Psycho” and “Heyoka” and “Breeder” reissue with Mr. Stanton back then. A fine technician on the guitar, he exists somewhere within that rainbow running from Robbie Basho and Sandy Bull through Djinn Aquarian through Matt Valentine, yet he’s always been his own man. When KSE began issuing music cdr’s last year, one of my first tasks was to find John Stanton and get him to release something with KSE. SENESCENCE is the result. A three-part seamless swirling trip recorded live in DC in 2008, SENESCENCE has the warm glow and viscous flow of the best trips, musical or otherwise. You’ll be reminded of everything from Ya Ho Wa 13’s PENETRATION to Tony Conrad and Faust’s OUTSIDE THE DREAM SYNDICATE on this 19-minute inner journey, but it’s 100% Stanton. KSE is proud to offer this unique 3″-cdr from one of the East Coast’s greatest psychedelic warriors. Don’t wait for some European or Japanese label to proclaim Stanton a genius and issue a multi-cd box of his rarities dating back to the early 80’s. He’s still at it, both with Kuschty Rye Ergot and also as a member of Kohoutek, and this must-own disc captures him at his purest.

$5 ppd. anywhere. hand-numbered edition of 75 copies.

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payment via paypal to  django5722(at)yahoo(dot)com

coming in the next few months:


and full-length cdr from NICK HENNIES .

and many more surprises we can’t discuss yet…but will be worth waiting for!


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