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March 26, 2011

Bill Shute, “Surrounded By The Moment” (KSE #187), now available

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B I L L      S H U T E


Sound Library Series, Volume 60———KSE #187

poetry chapbook, $5 ppd. anywhere

hand-assembled, hand-numbered edition of 49 copies

 The 60th entry in KSE’s “Sound Library Series”—-extended multi-part poems inspired by and dialoguing with music—-SURROUNDED BY THE MOMENT deals with time….Time present and time past/Are both perhaps present in time future/And time future contained in time past, as Eliot put it in Four Quartets.

A music student tries to connect via a music manuscript with an early Soviet composer on an empty Sunday morning…while the sky becomes so grey the streetlights come on, and hate-intoxicated masses march against immigrants and Islam (blocking traffic, blocking commerce, blocking communication),  and the wood in the fences shrinks further with each storm, and the spinach is planted and the chile pequin is harvested…in the territory between thought and sound…

This poetry chapbook, like a lot of my recent work, could be called JUNK SCULPTURE FROM THE NEW GILDED AGE….

Thanks for your support of KSE’s SOUND LIBRARY SERIES, which began in 2006 and now numbers 60 volumes (and 61-64 are all written and edited and will be released over the next 6-8 months, and 65 is about half-written, and we’ll keep on riding this wave until it eventually crashes…).

The “Cinq Préludes” (1918-22) of composer NIKOLAI  ROSLAVETZ (from Hat Art CD Soviet Avant Garde I) inspired this chapbook—the performance by Steffen Schleiermacher on this CD is essential listening.

$5.00 ppd. via paypal to django5722(at)yahoo(d0t)com     (please leave note w/ payment indicating you want Surrounded By The Moment–—thanks!) 

And while you are placing that order, why not try some of our other music and poetry releases?


poetry chapbooks ($5 each, ppd.):

KSE #185, Michael Layne Heath, “Jazzbo Wind.”

KSE #181, John Sweet, “Continuum.”

KSE #180, Bill Shute, “Autumn.” Sound Library Series, Volume 59.

KSE #174,  Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal, “Digging a Grave.”

KSE #173,  Bill Shute, “Butterfly Mind.” Sound Library Series, Volume 58.


3″ mini-cdr’s ($5.00 each, ppd.)

KSE #194 (3-inch CDR), Venison Whirled , “xibalba.”

KSE #188 (3-inch CDR), Derek Rogers & Bill Shute, “Four Texas Streams” (music and poetry collaboration).

KSE #186 (3-inch CDR), Parashi, “Zone of Alienation.”

KSE #183 (3-inch CDR), Kuschty Rye Ergot, “Senescence.”

KSE #182 (3-inch CDR), Sean Gadoury, “Arc Light.”

KSE #179 (3-inch CDR), Andreas Brandal, “Minus.”


full-sized CDR’s ($7.00 each, ppd.)

KSE #189 (CDR), Nick Hennies, “Objects.”

KSE #175 (CDR),  Alfred 23 Harth, “Micro-Saxo-Phone, Edition  III.”

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