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April 11, 2011

Venison Whirled, “Xibalba” (KSE #194), now available!

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3-inch CDR  (KSE #194)

$5 ppd. (anywhere) via paypal to  django5722(at)yahoo(dot)com

    KSE is proud to welcome Lisa Cameron’s VENISON WHIRLED to our poetry-and-music family, with the “brutal minimalism” (Vital Weekly) of XIBALBA (KSE #194), a stunning percussion-drone-electronics onslaught of the kind Lisa often offers to Austin audiences. For decades one of Austin’s most-respected musicians, percussionist LISA CAMERON burst on the scene as drummer with Brave Combo for their first 4-5 years, circa 1979-1983 (I saw this line-up in 1980, either in Denton or DFW), and in that band you needed to be a master of many styles, and frankly, as BC jumped from polka to cumbia to klezmer to norteno, it was more often than not the drumming that defined the style, far more than the solos. I noticed at that time what an eclectic drummer Lisa was, and I’ve tried to follow her work ever since.  A longtime champion of psychedelia and space-rock and Krautrock and the avant-garde in general, Lisa’s performed with everyone from Roky Erickson to Eugene Chadbourne, and she’s often been involved with more than one band at a time (a not-uncommon thing in Austin). Presently she’s a member of ST-37, of JSAS, and of Devil Bat’s Daughter, and she does solo drone-feedback-oriented performances under the VENISON WHIRLED moniker…as well as running the exciting “Sister Skull” label (with a dozen releases, most from Lisa’s various bands, and ALL mind-melting higher-key psych/noise/space-rock/drone/you-name-it, with great acid-tinged homemade artwork). She’s also played a number of well-respected noise and free-improv festivals, and overall, if Lisa’s involved with a project, it’s something challenging and forward-thinking.

   XIBALBA features two Venison Whirled experiments in drone/harmonics/feedback recorded live at Austin’s Cherrywood Coffeehouse, and the mini-cdr has already gotten fine reviews at Vital Weekly and at Volcanic Tongue. One thing I’ve always appeciated about VW is that while Lisa knows her avant-garde tradition well (her La Monte Young and Henry Flynt and Xenakis and Stockhausen, etc.), she’s equally rooted in the feedback experiments of The Yardbirds and the Velvet Underground and the MC5 and Blue Cheer. While there is an important physical element to a VW performance, as you can see Lisa manipulating feedback and manipulating the vibration of stringed instruments, cymbals, bells, etc. you get that physical presence on this well-recorded mini-cdr. You can always FEEL a Venison Whirled performance, and now you can feel it in the comfort of your own home.

   It’s been an honor to work with Lisa on this project (we’ve discovered we have similar tastes in film also and often share and discuss obscure David Hewitt or Jerry Warren or Andy Milligan films), and KSE hopes to release something from one of Lisa’s other bands later this year. Until then, grab XIBALBA. I started distributing this about a month ago at the Slow Pump drone-fest, trading copies w/ some of the artists playing there, and it’s been available for purchase for an equal amount of time, so probably half or more of the copies are gone already. Act now…only $5 ppd. anywhere. Pay via paypal to django5722(at)yahoo(dot)com (leave a note w/ paypal telling which release you want, in this case Venison Whirled) . If you are interested in the releases on Lisa’s great SISTER SKULL label, you can write her at  lisaca99(at)hotmail(dot)com  and request ordering information.

             Venison Whirled (Lisa Cameron),  Red 7, Austin, TX, February 2011


Venison Whirled cdr, “Hyrrs to Isis” (Sister Skull #12)

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